Thanking each of you
for these gifts, dear friends

  This came today from Jazmine, created just for me after our relationship deepened with our ongoing communications! I should not have favorites, but have to own that this one is, without a doubt, the most precious I've ever received.... not just because of its' creativity, originality, message and beauty, but most of all - because of the beauty of Jazmine herself!

You're very familiar with pain both emotional and physiological, that poor knee sounds very bad. Isn't it wonderful to have a computer at these times? You certainly are a survivor Nina, having come through so much without a trace of bitterness. I am so impressed with your strength of character and talent as a writer, I have made you a little gift for your page. I hope when you look at it you will be reminded of all you have weathered, your strength, courage and intellect.
I have also included er another award, can't help myself your site is brilliant, poignant uplifting and set out brilliantly. On that note I will close. Take care of that poor knee. ((Big hugs)) Jazz.

  Thank you dear Jazmine!

  I would love for you to accept my award for excellence not just in webpage design but for your caring spirit and heart in wanting to make the world a little brighter with such beauty and love. God bless you always Nina, love and cyberhugs my friend! Audree

I have two awards, (now 4!) I would be honored if you would accept. I truly feel you have earned them. I have never been so engrossed in a story on a web site as I was with yours. It was like reading a good book, didn't want to put it down. You, too, have a way of holding one's interest from beginning to end. So glad our paths crossed, (hugs) Jazmine.

Me too, Jazz! Me too!


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