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Date: Sat, 18 Oct 1997 19:56:29 -0800
Hello Brandi! SURPRISE!

My very dear and precious Brandi;
Here is some e-mail for you today! I didn't want you to
be disappointed again when you checked here. I think it's nice
for me to be the first one you get anyway! We have so much fun
doing your journal together.... don't we! So I am sending you
mail so you can learn that too. One day you will have lots of
mail and might even think you get TOO MUCH of it sometimes!
I am very proud of you Brandi! I enjoy sharing your
thoughts about your days. I enjoy being a part of your life, my
dear granddaughter! You are a most special gift from God and I
feel blessed by Him because He sent you to me!

I love you. Bye for now,
Your Nana-Mommy, (aka your GYPSY, Nina)

From: "R Baker" <my Pappy>
Subject: Hi Pumpkin

Hi Pumpkin,
Just saying Hi and hoping that everything is OK with you and with school. I miss seeing you and hope that you are over that bad bug you had. Are you trying to ride the bicycle any or did you give up on it? You take care and be careful. I love you. ~ Pappy

Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 15:32:57 -0600
From: John Naron
Subject: Hi!!

Dear Brandi
Hi my name is John but all the children call me Pepaw. I would like to be your friend, is that ok? I'm a friend of your mommys'. I like her a lot. I think you like her a lot too. I live on a farm in the State of Texas, Do you know where Texas is? WE have cows and horses and chickens and sometines ducks and pigs. My grandkids raise and show pigs every year all over Texas at pig shows.
You are a pretty girl I saw your picture on your page on the compurter and you sing real good. I heard you sing Jesus Loves Me. And you know what? He really does love you. If you would like to write me I will always answer you. You can tell me about your school and friends. By the way are you being good so Santa Clause will bring you a lot of toys? I hope you are HeeHee.

Well I will close for this time ~ your friend, Pepaw.

Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 20:06:39 -0800
Subject: Re: Hi!!

Hello Mr John;
Mommy told me about you some when she was talking to you on the computer. Thank you for the card and this letter.
I do not believe in Santa Clause because people teach their kids about him by lying to them and then they do not think much about Jesus too. I love Jesus very much. Most of the kids in my class do believe in Santa - and most of them are
not Christian and don't believe about Jesus. We had a Christmas party at school today but it was not with Santa Claus or I would not have gone to the party.
How old are your grandchildren.?
Well - we have had so much company coming and mommy still hasn't even eaten her dinner. But I did. We are watching a Christmas movie now and so this is all I will write today. ~ Bye now, love, Brandi

Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 15:08:27 -0600
From: John Naron

Hi Brandi;
This is Mr.John I'm Chrysta's Pepa. I'm going to call her tonight a see if her mommy got them on the internet yet so she can write to you. I'll let you and mommy know as soon as I know ok? How is school, are liking it a lots? You didn't tell me do you like dolls alot or do you like games better? What kind of games do you like the most? I play a lot of different kinds of games with my grandchildren all the time. Well you be a good girl and mind mommy and remember to say a little payer for Cameron tonight when you go to bed OK? You're a sweet girl. ~ Your Friend ~ Mr.John

From: jcoy@webtv.net (james u coyne)
Hi James Coyne,

Mommy and I just got your cards - thank you. We have been busy visiting for Christmas. I was happy to get mail from my journal. If your granddaughter, Kayla, would write to me, I would like that VERY much! I was HOPING that I would get a real e-mail friend, She would be the first one if she wants to. Some people I know around here write to me - but not from the internet yet. Where are you? I am in Virginia. I got a brand new bike for Christmas - but I am still not riding it yet. It is supposed to snow tonight, but if it does not - we are going to take the new one to the school track to ride!

Bye for now - please tell Kayla to write to me! ~ Love, Brandi

Subject: Answers to your questions
Dear Miss Brandi: We forgot to answer your question in Kayla Marie's note to you. We Live on the out skirts of Ashville NC and not to far from Woodstock VA. which from what I can see from your Mommy's home page is also a beautiful place. I don't know if I told you or not that Kayla Marie is 6 years old and thinks she is going on 16*SMILE* your Mummy can explain this better than I can.*Grin*
About myself I will be 60 in March and trying to reach 40 again. Kayla keeps me young running after her I really Love that girl because she needs all she can get because she gets sick pretty often. Anyway it looks like you have aquired a senior citizen(almost) for a friend if you for any reason whatever need one for I love you also as I do all of Gods little people I will close for now and in case I don't get back to you on the internet before the 1st, I would like to wish you and your Mummy a Happy new year I know mine will be much more so due to meeting you and your family on line. I have something really neat to tell you the the next time. love to you also DEAR, ~~~ James.

"Carol M (H@ppy) " carola@kalama.com
Hello Brandy,

I just finished reading your journal. What a lovely girl you must be. I really enjoyed it. Was sorry the bee stung you, though. That must have really hurt. You are really a special little gal with so many people around you loving you so much. I live in Longview Washington. We live along the Columbia River just 1 hour north of Portland Oregon. When Mt. St. Helens blew her top we got ash in our yard and gutters from it. It only takes us an hour to go to the Pacific Ocean. I am a Grandma of 8 grandchildren. I have 2 sons and a daughter. One of my Granddaughters is just about your same age.
And dear Brandy, I love the Lord, too. I loved hearing you sing "Jesus
Loves Me". ~ Hugs and Luv, H@ppy (Carol)

From: msbrandi@pop.shentel.net
Hello Miss Carol;

My mommy says that you are one of her 50plus friends. It was nice of you to write to me. We saw two movies about volcanos and they were both REAL scary! Did you watch all the lava and stuff and was it hot there when it happened? Did you have to leave your house? Did it hurt anybody or anything of yours? My mommy has two daughters and one son. You know that her son, my Uncle Eric died though, she told me you wrote to her when it happened. So you two are like twins, maybe? She says she thinks you already know all that stuff because you are in that clubtogether, but I thought I would tell you too! She has eight grandchildren too!
We were going to start my journal again because mommy can be up for a while now and sit at the big computer - but she has been doing some new pages first. She is done now - so this weekend we will begin my journal again for this year. We have been keeping someof the stuff I wanted to share written down and we will write it in there then, so you might want to come back again.Does your granddaughter my age use a computer? I do. I have to go now. Thank you for writing to me.
From Brandi.

Dear Miss Brandy,

Thank you for your nice letter. To answer the question about the volcano, Mt. St. Helens. Yes, we watched her plumes for days....so beautiful...looked like a big white cauliflower or brain......but there was no lava flows. There were mud flows that went into the Toutle River, into the Cowlitz river and then on to the big Columbia River and out to the ocean. The river is about 1/4 mile wide here at Longview and logs and debrie from the mountain went from side to side....We only got the ash and it is like thick cement when it is wet. We had to scoop it out of the gutters like you would scoop thick thick mud. We were very safe here, tho, as the mountain is about 1 hour away from us. On my home page there is a link to our newspaper that would show you some pictures. As always, even when something is scary and bad there is some beauty about it. The deer and elk are all back there now and there are lots of fish in the lakes and river. My Granddaughter does use the computer. If you would like to write to her ...her name is Krysta and her email is
ljohnson@aone.com. I have told her mama about you if you do write to her. She loves to read and is a good student. Tell mommy hello and I hope she is feeling better. She is a very special lady as you know...
Love, H@ppy (Carol)

From: Brenda Robinson
Hi Brandi,

My name is Brenda I am Kayla's mother We just sent you a e-mail and Kayla forgot to sign her name. We are very concerned about Cameron also. My father is her Grandfather and he showed us Cameron's picture and his story. Needless to say as I read it and looked at that beautiful face tears streamed down my face.
We are praying for him too. I think things will turn out o.k. for him. I am really glad you and Kayla have become friends. You are a very special beautiful child
too, you have a big loving heart and are truly amazing to me. I wish I
had your courage and understanding at times. You are a very good person someone that I look up too. I also think you have a beautiful voice, my dad showed me your picture and you singing Jesus Loves me ..... I was having a bad day that day and you made my heart Sooo Happy. You are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. Your Mommy is a pretty amazing person as well.... she has lots of courage and compassion for others. I hope she is doing better now. I am going to go for now so you can rest your eyes. Sorry so long but I have been meaning to write you for some time now.
Love, Brenda ~ Have A Great Day

Subject: Re: Hi Pumpkin
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998

Hi Pumpkin,
Mommy told me you had the flu bug again. I hope you are feeling better. I am planning on spending as much time as we can together next weekend. Maybe we can learn to ride that bicycle better then. I know you haven't been able to ride it and that must be very disappointing. Take care and I will talk to you soon. I am coming by tomorrow evening to fix the trees where the ice hurt them. I will see you than. ~ I LOVE YOU, Pappy

Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 17:22:49 -0500
From: Donald Gellis
Subject: Howdy
Ms.Brandi ,my name is Doby an I have a daughter named Brandi Ann she was born May 4, 1981 in San Diego CA. I'am looking for her an Amber Jean her half sister. If your are her please beep me at 1-800-624-7243 pin #102-9699 THANKS Doby

Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 07:16:47 -0800
Subject: Re: Howdy
Hello; No, I am not your Brandi - if you saw my page, you see that I am only 8 years old. I was born in Virginia. I guess YOUR Brandi must be all grown up almost. I have lived with my Nana, who has had me since I was a little baby. I call her mommy. I have a father even though he never comes to see me. He lives about 5 minutes from my house. I am sorry that you lost your Brandi and Amber. I hope you find your daughters real soon.

From: ucoy@webtv.net (Jim Coyne)
Date: Sun, 8 Mar 1998 17:29:19 -0500
Subject: Wishing you a Good afternoon;

My Dear Miss Brandi,
I have not written to you lately so I decided that today I would send you an little note, including a list of things that parents should do with and for the child.

( Gorden K. Schroeder)
*1 ~ Thou shall look upon thy child, not as a possession belonging to thee, but as a
sacred trust from GOD.
*2 ~ Thou shalt be honest in all dealings with thy child; then honesty and obedience can be expected of him.
*3 ~Thou shalt regard thy child's respect and love, not as a duty to be demanded, but as an achievement to be earned.
*4 ~ Remember when thou art out of patience with thy child's faults to take time to count ten----------of thine own.
*5 ~ Remember that the surest way to make it hard for thy child is to make it to easy for
him. He should learn early the meaning of discipline and responsibility.
*6 ~ Thou shalt have daily prayers and Bible reading with thy
family, and thou shalt always thank GOD for food before partaking of it.
*7 ~ Thou shalt early teach thy child to love and trust in GOD, and thou shalt wisely help him to choose Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour.
*8 ~ Remember that the example of thy life is more effective than thy fault-finding and moralizing.
*9 ~ thou shalt practice the teachings of christ in thy home by being kind, unselfish and loving.
*10 ~ Remember the LORD"S day by worshipping in thy church as a family, for this is necessary if thy home is to be truly Christian.

Now My Dear Miss Brandi
I don't want to give you the impression that I thought you are not a christian for I know that you are. I just think that alot of parents should realize where their responsibility should be instead of waiting till it is to late and start waillng when the Judge has to put their little Boys or daugthers in jail for crimes that were commited for no reason other than the parents were to busy to take their little ones to church. Of course this will not keep some of them from going bad, but it greatly reduces the odds.
I know you might not understand all of this even though you are wise beyond your years so maybe your Mommy will help you if you do not. I will close this for now My Dear after telling you that we thank GOD for granting us the honor of having you for our SPECIAL Friend. With our Love And HUGS {{{{{Miss Brandi}}}}}
Your OLD Friend ~ Jim and Family

From: ucoy@webtv.net (Jim Coyne)
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 11:46:27 -0400

My Dear Brandi;
I just wanted to send you that card as a reminder that as the card says any thing is possible to achive if one applys the determination that you have shown to posess in great quantity. You have proven to the world that you have the ability to over come any obstacle that you come upon in this road of life which is of no shock to me because You are showing the same traits as your Uncle Eric who as you well know came out with very high Honors You were a very observant student of his and not even knowing
it at the time but you were never the less. With your obvious willpower, determination and ability and aspirations I can not but see you making your own notewothy mark on mankind just as your Uncle Eric did only for a greater lenght of time which I pray for
God to grant as the lost sheep in this world will continue to need someone such your Mommy and yourself to lead them in out of the storm of sin which they could do themseleves but always seem to be hesident to take the first step which is where you will come in my Dear. The hand that you reach out to them to lead their souls in from the storm will in reality will be the hand of Jesus.
I have this premonition that as your Mommy was chosen to finish the tasks assigned her by our GOD you My dear shall be assigned the same tasks of leading in the lost sheep that stray away from the flock and become lost in ever increasing numbers as is quite clear by all of the reports of sinful acts by the young and old alike. It appears as your tasks will be astronomical but you will as one of GODS chosen shall never cease to reclaim as many as possible which will be many as you have undoubtly have lead some back already and not even realized it. You are one of GODS special candles that shines so brightly as in a lighhouse that leads the ships in off of the stormy seas at night only
yours will bring in the lost ones from the dark and stormy seas of life which will be getting worst as time goes on. I know you are still young for this kind of stuff my Dear Brandi and
should not to have to think of this but on the other hand Your Old Friend Jim is on the other end of the cycle of life and wanted to tell you how very special you are to his heart before it was to late. I feel really good today but my candle of life has to be getting shorter and I wanted to just let you know.
I will close for now but not before asking you to do me one little favor. Go over to your Mommy and give her a great big HUG and tell her that we LOVE her so very very much. Thank you Dear. You already know that we
Love You and always will. ~ Your Old Friend ~ Jim, Barbara & Kayla

Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 07:14:26 -0800

Hello "Pepaw-Jim";
Gee, some of your words were so big for me to understand very well, but I really liked hearing from you again. It has been a long time. Mommy says you have been working a
lot. I gave mommy the hug for you. I hug her a lot anyway.
It won't be so long now before you come see us. I am kind of excited about that. Thank you for writing to me and for the card too. *s* I am waiting for the school bus to get here in about 15 minutes now... so I will close and say goodbye. ~ Love, Brandi

From: ucoy@webtv.net (Jim Coyne)
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 1 ~Subject: Re:Big words;

Hi !! My Dear "Grand Daughter Brandi"
It was very nice to get a letter from my new Grand daughter. It makes me feel extra good to know that you have adopted me as your "Papaw" I hope that I have spoiling privileges also because I really love spoiling my grand kids :-) *RVBS*
Now then about the big words I used in my last letter to you. I knew you had two options, #1. You could ask your Mommy and she could easily explan them to you. #2. You could check them out in the Webster's Dictionary and get the different definitions of each word, by doing so you will be increasing your vocabulary by one word for each search. The more words that you have commited to memory the easier it will be later on in life. Understanding of words is knowlege. So the more words that you understand the greater your knowledge. I will use a couple of examples :
William Shakespeare who you will find out in due time was a very note worthy writer and poet who created some very nice works, Who had a vocabulary of about 10,000 words which he used quite well. Robert Browning who is considered by some to be an extraordinary writer but I myself have not read any of his works yet, is said to have in his vocabulary 40,000 words. I would imagine that your Mommy has a few thousand words at her command also as she does a bit of nice writing herself. So you see my Dear Brandi since she uses a lot of words and she explained to Your Uncle Eric the power of words and knowledge which he used quite well she will in turn explain to you the advantage. Your old Papaw Jim knows first hand the disadventage of not a having a comprehensive mind. I have to use the dictionnary to find the spelling of a lot of words. So my Dear Brandi that is why I would like for you to use the book often and gain the POWER like your Uncle Eric. He could have carried on a conversation with just about any one that cared to open one and I bet he could have anticipated their answers on alot of subjects before they were spoken because he had the knowledge and power of words instilled into him even before he started to school by your Wonderful Mommy who forseen the vast need for such Power and she will do the same for you my Dear One.
One little quiz question here: Say you were was walking down the the street and some one stopped you and offered you a $10 dollar bill or the complete definition of 10 words
for your vocabulary to be used later on in life which would you accept? Most people would take the $10. and spend it that very day without gaining one bit of the power. The Power from the ten word definition coupled with of all the other ones that you will pick up along the way would bring you uncountable wealth and not just monetary as you would be able to help those that took the $10.00 and spent it not worrying about the future until it was to late such as the night before some big testscoming up the next day. My Dear Brandi I could go on and on about this but I know you have other things that need tending to so I will get this finished and let you go.
I look forward with great anticipation to meeting you along with your Mommy when we get to your Beautiful Valley. Barbara and MY Kayla are also excited.
Thank you for hugging your Mommy for me. Now she has a small problem and that is in the future she wont know which hug is from us or you.*VBS* You can just decide which is which and tell her so. HEE HEE. I will go after telling you once again that we Love you My Dear. {{{{{{{{Brandi}}}}}}} Tell your Mommy that I will try to get her answer out soon. LOVE you Both; Your Old "Papaw-Jim" and Barbara + Kayla

Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 09:38:38 -0800
To: Jim Coyne <ucoy@webtv.net>

Dear Papaw Jim;
I like `big words'. I'm always asking what words mean. If I hear one that I don't know yet - I just have to find out because I like to use words and know what they mean. They help us to say things more like what we want to say them when we try to tell someone what we are thinking or feeling.
Pretty soon it will only be a month until you all come to visit us here!
I have to close now because the school bus will be here in a minute! I like to get my letters from you. It is nice too that you like being a Papaw to me. Even the Papaw who died didn't see me much because he is a lot like my father - or maybe I guess it is my father who is like my Papaw. But I think that it is funny when people know how bad something feels when they are a kid and then they do that to kids when they grow up. I don't think I would hurt my kids like my father, my Papaw and my Pappy all did to me.
I think that it is God who makes the difference though.
Because they don't belong to God or trust Him or live for Him like you and your wife do. So maybe God picked you for another grandfather for me. That's what He did with me when I was a baby, He gave me a Nana who is a really good mommy. I have a mother, but I think that mommies and daddies are the special ones that love God and love their kids and want to be with them and do things with them and always have time when you need them so much! Mothers and fathers don't always love like that or have time. That is what I think the difference is about mothers and fathers and mommies and daddies.
My bus is here. Thank you for my e-mail and I am sorry we didn't
open it until this morning and that is why I am late getting to answer it. We are outside so much now - Bye! ~ I love you Papaw Jim! ~ From Brandi

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