Tuesday, September 2, 1997

This is my very first Diary!
~ My mommy calls it a JOURNAL.   She writes in hers' every day too!

It was the first day back to school this year. ~ I am in the second grade.
I was SO excited about going to school! *S*

It was a good day - but two bad things happened! 
The boys were chasing the girls and we were hiding from them. Where I hid, there was a wasp. He STUNG me! ~ I had heard of getting stung by bees - but it never happened to me before. I hope it never happens again too! ~ I cried very much! ~ They took me to the infirmary and there they gave me ice to hold on it. ~ I wanted my mommy, but they couldn't get her. ~ I was okay later though.    The other terrible thing was that they told me to get on the wrong bus. ~ It was #70 and my bus was #50! ~ I was very frightened about it! ~~ I THOUGHT it was the wrong bus right away - and was wondering what to do - and then a man got on - they said he was the bus driver. My bus driver is a lady. I started to really cry then - I was so scared!!!! I found my own bus though and got home okay. I was glad to be home. School was fun though. ~ I like my teacher a lot and I made some new friends today.    I am tired. ~ I asked mommy if we could snuggle and watch a video and we are going to do that as soon as I finish my spaghetti.    ~   

Wednesday, September 3, 1997

It was raining and I got to take my umbrella to school today. It is cold tonight. We wanted to get into our pool after school today - but it was too cold. Maybe we won't get in anymore this year.... the nights are getting cold again.   My mother Cathy came today to visit mommy and me. She brought us toys from McDonalds' where she works sometimes. ~ I like those toys.
Pinki ran across the road and got into the manure in the field and now she is in the kennel in the back yard until mommy and Peach can give her a bath. ~~~ I don't know why Pinki likes to stink like that. ~ I am glad she is not a skunk though! ~~~ They REALLY stink BAD!    There isn't much time to play on school nights! ~~ I miss that time!   I had homework tonight! ~~~ Mommy was SOOOoooo proud of how good I did it too! ~~~ 
I wrote the words right straight on those lines. *smile*     I have to go eat now. 

Thursday, September 4, 1997
We did math today. I like math. In art class, I made a picture for my cousin Jessica because it is her birthday today. I called her when I got home too.     Mommy and me wished her a happy birthday.    The party is tomorrow though because it is Friday and Jessica is having a PAJAMA PARTY ~ birthday party!     This is only my second pajama party!  They are so much fun. I think that is it for tonight - I am late for bed!  Goodnight!

Saturday, September 6, 1997
Yesterday scared me.  My mommy comes to school to have lunch with me 
every week and it was the first time for this year, she was coming.   But she didn't.   My mommy always does what she says and so I got scared that something bad happened to her like it did to my Uncle Eric.   I was afraid that she was in the hospital or killed in a wreck like him.   But when I got home - she had forgotten that this was the day and she was busy all day cleaning my room.  She was real sorry she scared me.   I forgave her anyway and we hugged and she told me how real sorry she was. She had a lot to do today and just forgot about time. She didn't even eat any lunch at home either. We both get more scared since Eric was killed like that. We don't want to lose each other. We really do want to go to heaven though.  We just don't want to be left here without each other.  
We were supposed to go to Aunt Jeannes' house as soon as I got home - but Tippi ran away and we had to try to get her before we left.   We couldn't do it.   We tried so much. Then mommy said we were late for the birthday party and so we left. I was so excited.   I love birthday parties. And the cake and ice cream.   But mostly I love the fun things we do. Jessicas' party was fun. The cake was a "101 Dalmatians" one. Aunt Jeanne always makes their cake anything they want it to be. Jessica gave us all one little Dalmatian to take home from the party. She even gave me the little basket that they sleep in.  And one puppy. So I couldn't write here yesterday because I was not here last night anyway.    Mommy and Pappy had to fix Aunt Jeannes' dogs' poor little paw.   It was limping real bad and could hardly walk. Mommy always fixes things that are sick or hurt. She uses herbs and things like that.   She is an Herbalist.  She fixes real good. When they fixed the dog - it could walk again and not cry anymore.   I was glad that happened.    I spended the night with Jessica and slept on the floor. We had fun but Jessica got too tired and then she wasn't happy anymore.   She was kind of grouchy then.   This morning mommy picked me up early because we had to go get our portrait done at the studio.   Aunt Jeanne fixed my hair pretty. I like to have my pictures taken.   Mommy calls me a ham. I like ham but I do not think I am ham!   Mommy says silly things sometimes.   It is fun to do that. I like to too! I like to laugh and I like to make people laugh.
Jason came home with Mommy and me last night and slept in my new bed. He liked doing that. He liked it so much that he is staying tonight too. That is nice because then I get to sleep with mommy while cousin Jason has my room!  We had so much fun. Grandpappy took Jason fishing early today and when they got home we all went to Perry, West Virginia and went into their zoo there at the store.   I got to ride a plastic horse by the door. Then we went to a new Burger King and had dinner. We ate it in the play area and had so much fun playing in the real fun-place where you crawl around inside and look out of the windows and go through the chutes and get higher and higher!   One chute is a slide. Chute is a funny name, I think - it is like when people use a gun.   They shoot at people. Words are funny sometimes. I would not ever shoot at anybody.
Mommy had things to do and so Jason and I wanted to watch "Harriet The Spy" in her room and we both fell asleep in a few minutes. That is why I am writing this today, on Sunday instead of Saturday. Mommy says she had to write like that too sometimes. She says it happens when she runs out of day or energy before her list is done. Harriet the Spy writes in a journal like we do too!    Good-bye...

Sunday, September 7, 1997
It is morning and I will write about what happens today later. Tonight. It looks like it is going to rain.    I like Sundays a lot because we watch ~Touched By An Angel~ that night. Bye for now.
Mommy fixed my favorite breakfast this morning - she made pancakes and chipped beef gravy! YumYumyummy!   I love that breakfast. After breakfast, something real scary happened! We were eating in the kitchen and when we were finished, we came back into the dining room so Jason and I could play on the computer some more.... but the room was full of bees! They were Yellow-Jackets too - and my Mommy is allergic to those kind! She has to get a shot if one stings her.   She stayed in the kitchen and Peach and Jason were making the bees go out the front door - but then we saw that they were coming in again and again and we saw that the place where they were coming in was a hole over the shelves over my big desk.    Mommy had to call Pappy to come help us.   He came real fast and then he was helping Peach and Jason while Mommy and me sat in the swing outside.   It took a very long time!   The smell of the spray they had to use was making mommy and me sick even outside.   Then when they were going to wash the spray off of the ceiling and wall - as soon as they touched it - there was a big, big hole up there!       That was when they saw how great big the nest REALLY was!     Then they brought out a bucket of stuff which was big pieces of bees-nests... My Pappy said it was the biggest nest he had ever seen - he said it wasn't a nest - it was a whole city!    I think he was right!    We keep getting sicker now.   Mommy and me are going to bed.   My mommy gets real sick from chemicals.   I hope we are better tomorrow. I have Asthma sometimes - and the bug spray made me have it now. We are coughing and don't feel good. I do not like Asthma. I do not like BEES either!  Good-bye

Wednesday, September 10, 1997
Gee, we didn't get to write here in my journal because Mommy got real sick from the poison spray!   Today she went to the doctor and she is going to be all right - but she has to keep her feet high up on pillows until the poison is gone from her body.  We are still breathing some of it even though they tried to get it all wiped away.  The bees are all gone though. Now we have a big hole in our ceiling and had to put a board over it with nails until we can fix the ceiling!   I do not like that hole up there.   It is ugly and I am afraid that those bees might come back or some more bees will find the hole!   Tonight somebody was having a birthday party at the McDonalds' and there were Lots and Lots of kids to play with! I ate chicken nuggets. And a boy climbed on the tree and sat on it and then jumped off!    I think that is it for tonight because I am late for bed (ten minutes) and mommy has to tuck me in now! We are late because the story I picked out for tonight was a long book!   I love my night-time stories and our snuggle-time.      Goodnight

Thursday, September 11, 1997
We didn't get to do much at school today - we were too busy doing other stuff but I don't remember what all it was now. We didn't get to write our handwriting. We had a bad storm today and I thought the road was going to get too slippery. It was raining so hard that I had to hold the bookbag over my head when I got off of the schoolbus in front of my house and run into the house. I was afraid the rain might make my bus driver wreck the bus!   Guess that's it. It is storming again and mommy wants me to hurry so we can shut down our computers.  ~ Goodnight

Friday, September 12, 1997
It's Friday! I like Fridays because then I get to stay up late. I like Mommy to snuggle with me and we watch a video movie in her room together. At six o'clock, she likes to see Carol Burnett.   I think that show is funny too. I like Tim Conway a lot!
At lunchtime today, something SOoooo funny happened. We had french fries with our lunch and I asked one of the ladies that brings us stuff we need, if I could
have some more catsup because mine ran out. (I REALLY like catsup a lot!) ... When she came to put some on my plate for me - the top of the container came off! I don't know how, it must have not been on there right or tight enough... and so when she turned if over my plate - the top came off and LOTS of catsup came out all over the place. We were both SO surprised! I guess she might have been embarrassed too. She had to take my whole tray back to the kitchen and fix it for me! It was a mess! I tried real hard not to laugh too much, but I couldn't help it much and I laughed after she was gone!
Mommy says she will pop us some popcorn tonight! We like it with lots of real butter on the top of it too! I like to lick my fingers when they are all buttery. I love the smell of the popcorn when it is popping. Fridays are fun.

Saturday, September 13, 1997
We went to Winchester to see our portrait. We got one of us and one of me. They gave us suckers today, I got Butterscotch and mommy got Blue Raspberry. We went to a Flea Market in Front Royal too. Mommy has not been able to go to them for three summers now. When her feet are fixed, we think she will be able to walk okay again. But today she wanted to do it and so we went. She walked through almost the whole thing too. ~ I got lots of really pretty new clothes. And some other neat stuff. ~ I got a play sword I have always wanted one. It is all different colors and each different colored circle comes out from another one until it is real long and pretty. I have been having a lot of fun with it since we got home.    We stopped to eat at my favorite restaurant called The Golden China. My mommy says it is our family favorite and that we have been going there for 25 years - but I am only 7 years old so I have only been going for seven years. When I have little kids, I will take them there too! If I have children.   I wanted to get in the pool but it was REALLY cold.  Mommy decided to wash our bathing suits and put them away for the year. We had a lot of fun playing games too.

Sunday, September 14, 1997
I forgot to tell you yesterday, I got my first two-wheel bike. It doesn't have training wheels but I've been trying to ride it with help. The tires keep going flat though. Aunt Jeanne is going to lend us some training wheels and then I can do it by myself! It is pretty. It is pink.
Today we got out lots of the wind-up toys and played with them. Mommy says some of them are as old as my mother. Cathy (my mother) said she would come and watch a movie with us Friday or Saturday but she must have forgot.   ~ We watched movies though, and had popcorn and ice cream last night. Tonight we are going to have Root Beer Floats.  We washed the special big glasses and then put them into the freezer.  We put the big bottle of soda in there too so it would get real cold. Mommy said I had it before when she and Uncle Eric used to fix them - but I don't remember.  This is the first time she is having one since Uncle Eric died, she said she almost forgot about them.  Sometimes she doesn't do things that she and uncle Eric liked to do because, I think, it makes her miss him too much more.   I don't know what else to say for today, so that is all.

Monday, September 15, 1997
Today we worked in our handwriting at school.

I ate ALL of my lunch.
On Friday, Ryan let me bring his seashell home with me for the weekend.   I was  keeping a good hand on it at first - but then later, when I was snuggling with mommy before bedtime - it must have fallen on the floor and I didn't notice.   This morning I was very upset when I couldn't find it.   It made me cry.   I tried so hard to keep it all the time! When I went to school, I told Ryan that I would find it as soon as I came home and I asked him to please forgive me. He said it was okay and he did. When I got home, it was on the kitchen table - Peach had found it when she made mommys' bed for her and it was laying there on the floor. I felt much better!   I have another friend in my class and her is Amber.  Kelly used to be my friend in first grade - but now she changed.   She is not my friend anymore. She doesn't even know if she wants to be Rachels' friend anymore either. I wonder why kids change like that?   Why they stop liking other kids or their old friends.    That's all, okay?

Tuesday, September 16, 1997

I forgot Ryans' seashell AGAIN!   I was so mad at myself!
This morning I got up at 4:30. I got up and ate yogurt for my breakfast. I got dressed and it was still so early that I went back to bed. When mommy came to get me up - she was So surprised! I like to surprise her and make her happy and proud of me. I do not know why my alarm clock got me up so early - but she said she would fix it so it won't do that tomorrow. I hope it doesn't. It was very dark when I got up so early.
Tomorrow somebody is bringing us a new dog to see. My mommy misses our other one, Buffy.    Buffy was always with mommy and slept with her and she was about 18 years old when she died in April. I miss her so much too.   My dogs are bigger and can't sit in her lap.   We are very sad about Uncle Eric and about Buffy.

Wednesday, September 17, 1997
The lady brought the little doggie. He is a Chihuahua! He is black with a white chest. He is soft and really cuddley.  His name is FRITO - but we are going to name him ChiCho... it is a cute sound and it is like FRITO a little bit so he will get used to it quick, I think.   He only weighs 3 pounds!   When we take the picture
of Tippy to put up with Pinki and I - we will take one of ChiCho too so you can see him! I have him on my desk here next to mommy while she is typing what I tell her to say. 
I gave Ryan his seashell today. He said he was glad that he finally got it back. I am too! I wish I could stay up longer tonight with ChiCho!
Tomorrow is the day we picked for mommy to come to school and have lunch with me.    I hope she does not forget.

Thursday, September 18, 1997
We got home so late that I don't have time to journal. We brought mommy home a pizza from TacoBelle, she likes them! ~ We went to visit MaMaw and Papaw too.... so I have got to go to bed! I don't even have time to play with ChiCho!!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 1997
I have been playing with ChiCho all the time - so I don't do other stuff like I used to.   He is so little and so cute. We went to the flea market for a half hour and everybody thought he was so cute and kept telling us they wanted him. Some people said "Where did you get that ~BlackRat?" I didn't like them saying that.! We got some more nice things and then we had to go to the Price Club and I got the new movie Sleeping Beauty. Peach bought three tins of butter cookies and each one has five pounds of cookies inside. She really likes those cookies. Mommy and I don't though.  I like to go there because they are always giving out samples of food and drinks and I get to try lots of new things. Sometimes they are real yucky though. They even had chicken egg-rolls today. I liked'em!    Touched by an Angel starts new shows tonight. I was tired of seeing the other ones so many times. I get to stay up until 9 on Sunday night to watch it and snuggle with mommy.

Monday, September 22, 1997

Tomorrow we are going on a field trip to the National Forest and I think I will have fun. I asked mommy what she will pack in my lunch. It has to be in a paper bag.   I am having 2 YooHoos to drink!  I get very thirsty. Then I am having a box of pretzels and a bologna and cheese sandwich and some Oreos.   Right now I am eating a sucker while I tell Mommy what to type. It is very good. My great-grama and great-Clyde gave them to me.
Pinki ran off in the field again and came home smelling so bad that we had to give her a bath in the shower and use that SKUNK-OFF on her again! I don't know why she likes to stink!  It is not as bad as a skunk but almost is. Now she is drying in her little house-kennel. She looks sorry that she did it. At first mommy thought it was me smelled like that and we thought I must be sick! Sometimes when people are getting sick - they do smell bad. But I didn't. I am glad it wasn't me, I don't want to get sick and miss the field trip!
Chicho was so happy to see me when I got home from school. Mommy opened the door and let him run out to meet me when I got off of the bus. He kind of bounces or jumps when he walks on his tiny little legs. That is so cute. He weighs 4 pounds now. He likes to eat pig-ears. He likes to eat just about everything.
It is eight o'clock and I have to go to bed now so we can say my prayers and I will get a lot of rest for all that walking we will do tomorrow. Good-night. I hope that one day somebody else like me will write to me. I would like to have a pen-pal.

Tuesday, September 23, 1997
I surprised mommy and got up and fixed my own sandwich this morning! I am getting to be a big girl and can really help. I needed her to get it wrapped up right - but I almost did get it right myself. Mommy had picked my clothes out last night, so I got dressed before she woke up even! All she had to do was braid my hair! I forgot my coat. It was new, we just bought it Sunday and I really wanted to wear it too! The nurse at the clinic loaned me a sweatshirt though and so I was warm. It was a Jurassic Park shirt and if I could have kept it I would have given it to Jason, my cousin - cause he loves Jurassic Park!   He even has a Jurassic Park pillow!   We went to the Shenandoah National Forest. There was water in a river that they  said was okay to drink and I wanted to taste it - so I bent down to try and get a drink... but I didn't know that the rock I was standing on was wiggley. Amber was holding me - but she lost her balance too and then I fell in the river a little bit. Amber didn't, she was behind me - she just fell on the ground. It was kind-of fun in a way... but I got the back of my coveralls all black and wet. *hahaha* I didn't laugh then - but it is funny now when I remember it... and when I think of it I giggle. We ate at a big picnic place. There were lots of hornets nests  but they were empty.
That might be it for tonight.

Wednesday, September 24, 1997
I had an Asthma attack in school today but it wasn't too bad this time. We were running and playing outside and I had to use my inhaler. It didn't work too good this time and so the teacher sent me to the infirmary and the nurse checked me. It was almost time to come home, so the nurse and my mommy decided it was okay for me to ride home on the bus because my lungs were sounding good enough. When mommy saw my inhaler she said that the reason it didn't work as good as it's supposed to was because the cylinder was cracked and the thing that the medicine comes through (mommy says it's a membrane) was all twisted and then I remembered that somebody sat on it on the bus yesterday when we went on that field trip. Also it had a lot of Oreo crumbs all over it because I didn't get the bag closed right I guess when I packed my lunch? I don't know how it happened, really, but there WERE a lot of black crumbs everywhere! So we tried again for me to use the inhaler right in my mouth instead of using the cylinder - and I DID IT!!!! It worked better too! I liked it better and it helped me to breath better than. the other way of doing it. Maybe I won't need the cylinder and mask to do it anymore. Since I am supposed to be quiet tonight - we are going to watch my new movie "SLEEPING BEAUTY" now and snuggle together on the bed in mommys' room.

Saturday, September 27, 1997
This was a real-fun day! We went to my great-grandma & great-Clydes' house for the whole day. I played with Jimmy, the boy who lives next door to them. We rode on his go-cart. It was fun, but it was scary too! I was driving it and I almost ran it into Peachs' car! I got it turned just in time. That scared me a lot! I got a new game at a yard sale on the way over there. We played with that too. Jimmy has two doggies. They are Beagles. I think they are twins because they looked exactly like each other! We used their chains to pull the go-cart when it wouldn't run. Then Jimmys' friend came over for a little while and helped me pull him. Jimmy is very heavy and I had a hard time doing it. It was even hard with his friend helping me! My Great grandpa (great-Clyde is what I call him) got mad at Jimmy . He said Jimmy should be pushing ME! I wished he would have done that.
It did make me have some asthma problems and I quit. Jimmys' friend had a motor bike and he took me for rides on it and it was a lot of fun. It was bumpy too! That made me giggle and laugh. We stayed over there very late. I fell asleep while they were playing Pinochle. It was late when they got me up to come home. We stopped at Dennys' and had breakfast. It was four o'clock in the morning when we were eating waffles and drinking cocoa in there. It was the first time we ever ate there. It was very good.

Sunday, September 28, 1997
We slept until lunchtime today! It was morning before we went to bed last night.
Pappy came and had dinner with us today. His hair is very long now and it was falling in his eyes like mine does. He doesn't look like a girl though. I got to show him how I can climb all the way up the pole in the living room now! He used to have to lift me up there so I could do it. I showed him that I can touch my head up there all by myself! It was hard work! I was eating a dessert from a bakery and something in it made me really have trouble coughing and breathing! I will not eat that again. It was the first time we ever bought it. I tried to go to sleep but I didn't feel good and mommy let me come get in bed with her so I would feel better and she could watch over me. We watched Touched by an Angel. I like that show a lot. Then we watched part of a movie but I forget what it was called.

Monday, September 29, 1997
I was up last night until almost 2 0'clock and so I could not go to school today.    I have to do the breathing treatments and I also have to have those Zinc lozenges which do not taste good at all - but they help me not to be sick so I take them anyway. I played with my computer and ate soup and we read stories. We are going to do that now so I will stop talking. I am coughing a lot again. We thought I was better - but tonight I am getting bad again. I might have to go to the doctor tomorrow. Mommy said maybe it wasn't the dessert - maybe I was just getting sick at the same time as I was eating the cake. We don't know. I hope not. We are going to read THE CRICKET IN TIMES SQUARE now, so I will stop.  I don't feel good anyway and want to lay down.

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