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From: gexie@webtv.net (kayla robinson)
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 1997 13:51:43 -0500
Subject: Hello Brandi.
Good Afternoon.... Brandi, My name is Kayla. My Papaw told me that you and I should exchange e-mail. You told my papaw that you got a new bike for christmas. Did you get to go to the school track and ride today? I also got a new one and a new coat. Did you get any new Pets? I got a new cat and I call him Louie. Did you get any snow yet? It is snowing a little bit here. We may need to get a sled. *smile* I will close for now.
Your new friend. ~ Kayla

Date: Sat, 27 Dec 1997 ~ Dear Kayla;
Hello Kayla. *S* You are my very first friend my own age who wrote to me. People write to me - but they are grown-ups. I hope we will write to each other often. Can I put our mail in my on-line journal? I would like to do that if you would like to see it there. But it's okay to be private too. Please tell me! - okay?
It snowed here today - and the flurries have been coming all day - so we couldn't go to the school where I ride around the track. Do you use training wheels? I do. My bike is purple, and pink and white. It has big white tires. My Grandfather who I call my Pappy, picked it out for me. I wear knee and elbow pads and special gloves and a helmet. EVERYBODY should ALWAYS wear a helmet - I saw that on Rescue 911 - and I will always wear one because I saw what can happen! I used to get sick a lot too.... but this year I have been a lot better. Maybe by the time you are eight years old like me - you will not be as sick either. I have asthma sometimes. I used to have seizures too - but it only sometimes happens now. I used to have to take medicine all the time for it - but now I don't have to. When my mother was carrying me inside her - she used drugs that were bad for us, but she doesn't do that anymore. But I was born addicted to them and when I was born and didn't have those drugs in me anymore - my body went through withdrawal and there were terrible seizures and I almost died then. Something happened to my brain from the seizures that happened when I did - and that made me have cerebral-palsy. I was even paralyzed some for the first year and I could not swallow very well for many years. That was why I came to live with my mommy so she could help me to live and get better. Now though - I am much better in that too. I live with my mothers' mommy. I call her mommy too, like my mother does. My mommy has had me all my life and so she seems like my mother to me and I call my other mother Cathy. I don't see her very often. My mommy, who is my Nana (grandmother), loves Cathy and me both so it is like we are sisters - (kind-of). I hope your grandfather knows about things like seizures and cerebral palsy and can help you understand about them for me.
I am so happy that you wrote to me Kayla. Do you have a homepage too where I could see a picture of you? Mommy says I need to stop for now because she needs to put her feet up again. I wish I could do all of the writing myself and then I could say more. I like having an e-mail friend. Mommy has a special one called Snicki who lives in Arkansas and they write LOTS of e-mail to each other every day! Mommy shares some of the things they say. Snicki used to be a clown and even sent us some of the television shows she was in when she was a clown.
I am happy that we can be friends, Kayla ~~~ From Brandi

Date: Thursday, January 1.....
Subject: Re: Hello Brandi.
Hi Brandi. I am so happy to have you for my email friend. I am spending the night with my Papaw and mamaw. My mother, father and I lived in the same house with them untill November of this year. It has really been a big adjustment for all of us. I spend school nights with my mother and daddy and weekends with Papaw and Mamaw. I will write to you as often as I can . I do not have access to the internet at my home. You may put our mail in your journal if you wish. I do not have a web page. We have webtv. I have never had my hair cut so it is very long. It is brown and I have brown eyes. We had 8 inches of snow at my house. I live in western N.C. There is over 2 feet of snow on the higher mountain peaks. Today I made a snowman with my papaw. Mamaw and I found some icicles on some shrubs. They were very big. My bike is pink with white and a little bit of orange. I still have my traing wheels on too. I haven't gotten to ride it much because of the weather. EVERYONE should wear helments and knee and elbow pads. I am sorry you have had so much sickness in your life and I am happy you are much better. Your mommy and pappy are very special people and I know they love you very much. I have had phneumonia 2 times since october of this year also strep throat. I don't like being sick.
I am happy your mother doesn't do drugs any more. I am also glad you love your mother. My grandparents have a neighbor who has cerebral palsy. She graduated from highschool last year. she also lived with her grandparents. My mamaw is typing for me since I am 6 and need help spelling some words. I like to use the keyboard. Mamaw and I do crafts together. We like to take nature walks . I like animals. I have a new kitty. His name is Louie. He is black and white. Do you have pets? I think it would be fun to have Snicki for a friend.Bet it was fun for her to be a clown. Hope this letter isn't too long.
Your friend Kayla

Date: Friday, 2 January ~ Hello Kayla;
----> I am so happy to have you for my email friend. <Me too, Kayla> * ----> I spend school nights with my mother and daddy. ^----> I bet you are happy with a new home and friends. Maybe if we ever go through N.C. we could meet! My mommy & pappy love to go to Brookgreen Gardens and we might be going there again this year. It is in S.C. - so maybe we go near you? ----> and weekends with Papaw and Mamaw. ^----> But I bet you like coming back to your other home too? Do you have many friends around where your grandparents live? * ----> It is brown and I have brown eyes. ^----> My hair is long and brown and I have brown eyes too> ----> We had 8 inches of snow at my house. <That is how many inches we had too. Then the wind was blowing and it got deeper in some places. ----> I have had phneumonia 2 times since october of this year also strep throat. I don't like being sick. ^----> I had pneumonia too before. And strep throat (and that hurts a lot). I don't like it when I get sick either. I am getting much healthier now that I am older! If you started school this year it may be why you got sick. It happens more when you first start going to school with so many kids. *----> My grandparents have a neighbor who has cerebral palsy. <Mine is a lot better. I used to be a little paralyzed and I could not swallow any foods until I was four years old. I had most of it like a milkshake. But then with therapy, I learned to swallow better. It is not as comfortable for me as other people, and I chew my food a lot and it takes me longer to eat - but I eat everything now. I am allergic to some things so I don't eat them.> * ----> Mamaw and I do crafts together. ^----> My mommy is an artist and I like to do art too. I have to practice a lot but I like it very much so I don't mind.> *----> We like to take nature walks . ^---->We do too. We live in the middle of mountains and National Forests here in the Shenandoah valley and we go places here a lot. > *----> I like animals. ^----> Me too! We have three dogs, Pinki, Tippi and ChiCho. We have a lot of trees and shrubs around our house and lots of birds stay in them and they are so pretty and they sound so pretty too.> *----> I have a new kitty. His name is Louie. ^----> Does he live in your new home with you - or at your grandparents where you visit. Does he go back and forth with you form the homes? I have the Sesame Street UNO game and we are enjoying playing it a lot! We also got MYSTERY MANSION game for Christmas from my Aunt Jeanne - but we haven't played it yet. We might do that today because Peach doesn't have to go to work at Food Lion and she will be here and it takes at least three people to play. I am so anxious to play that one since we got it - but because of the holidays - Peach has worked every night and sleeps in the days. Tomorrow is Peachs' birthday and we are giving her another new game - she likes games - but she likes puzzles more but she already has too many of them and has many that are not even open yet!
Bye for now, from Brandi

Date: Friday, January 2, 1998...... Hi Brandi
What City is Brookgreen Gardens near ? I live 22 miles west of Asheville N.C. My grandparents live about 11 miles west of Asheville. We are about an hour away from Greenville S.C. It would be nice to meet you. I have a cousin who lives next door to my grandparents. she is 2 years old. There aren,t any more children that live near here. We like to play together even though we are just a little bit jealous of each other. I was in kindergarten last year. I was sick a lot then too. I hope I will soon be free of all these viruses. I,m glad you are doing better with your ceberal palsy. I like to draw. My mother does too. Does mommy paint pretty pictures? We live near woodlands. We have deer coming down into people,s yards looking for food. Some areas have Black Bears visiting also. My mamaw was in The Shenandoa Valley when she was a young girl. She says it is very beautiful and would like to visit there again. My kitty stays at my new home. My mother takes care of him for me. We also have two dogs. Joker is half wolf and Collie. He is very big. Niki is a mix too. She is part pitt bull. My mother has 6 ferrits. They are all albinos. Who is Peach? Is she your aunt? My mother worked at food lion when she was in high school. Now she does,t work .My uncle Edward shares a birthday with Peach. His birthday is tomorrow too. We are going to make him a cake today. Do you like The Power Rangers? Mamaw made some treats for the birds. She covered pinecones with peanutbutter then rolled them in bird seed. We like to watch them eat.
Bye , Kayla

Date: Saturday, January 3, 1998...... Hello Kayla;
----> What City is Brookgreen Gardens near ? ^---->Winnsboro. You can read about them here http://www.lowcountry-sc.com/brookgreen/ ----> It would be nice to meet you. <That would be fun! ----> I was in kindergarten to years ago. <I was in a special class and started school when I was only 3 years old. I have been going to school for 5 years! ----> I like to draw. My mother does too. Does mommy paint pretty pictures? ^----> We draw together. She had had surgery on her hands too, and now she is doing a lot of art work with her computer instead. She had to have her thumb-joints taken out. She still sketches though. ----> My mother has 6 ferrets. ^----> They are so cute! Like RikiTikiTavi! (Mongoose story) ----> Who is Peach? Is she your aunt? ^----> Yes. ----> Do you like The Power Rangers? ^----> No. I don't watch those kind of cartoons or shows. I like the Superman movie though. ----> Mamaw made some treats for the birds. ^----> We think that sounds neat and are going to try making some like that when it snows again. We always throw out extra food, cereal and seed for them when the ground is all covered up. We have three big bird feeders we keep filled up. ----> We like to watch them eat. ^----> We do too. We go to the river/creek and feed a big flock of wild geese and ducks in the next town too. There are too many of them though! They come up and try to take the food away before you throw it. We are playing games with Peach and it is her birthday. I need to go now - we are playing UNO before dinner.
Bye for now, Kayla.....From, Brandi

Date: Sunday, January 4, 1998 ....Hi Brandi,
I am in bed now but mamaw is typing for me now since she has all her chores finished and answered all her email. I don,t watch Power Rangers anymore either. There are lots of shows I don't watch because they make me have bad dreams. Also we don't approve of some of the contents. We have a small lake near my old home. There are many geese that live there year round. We like to feed them also. Every evening about the same time they fly over our house. I love to see them fly in formation. I also like the way they honk. I bet you had fun playing games with Peach. My uncle ate dinner with us and I got to play with my little cousin. We had chocolate cake for dessert.
Bye , Kayla

Date: Sunday, January 4, 1998..... Subject: Re: Going back to school,
Dear Brandi, I like you Brandi very much. I have to go back home but I will see you next weekend. Do you have to go to school monday? I do. I wish we had more time off.
Your Friend, Kayla

Date: Sunday January 4, 1998...... Hello Kayla;
I am sorry that I am so late answering your mail... I see that we have come on at about the same time ! We have been palying and didn't have much time for the computer - but I got some new software CDs for Christmas and we are going to try them right now. I hope that you all got to check out Brookgreen Gardens at the address I sent to you? I wish I could stay home more days too, but I do like school and my friends there. My mommy also comes once a week to have lunch in the cafeteria with me. I will write to you when you come back to your grandparents?
These are hugs ----> {{{Kayla}}} from Brandi

Date: Sunday, January 11, ....... HI BRANDI
I LIKE YOU. My name is Kayla and I went to my little cousins' birthday party. Her name is Hannah. She is 4 years old. And I like her. We have fun together. Hannah said someone took her dog. She misses her doggie. It made her sad and mad too. I am mad too. We are looking for clues to see who got her dog. Hannah prays for her dog to come home. Mamaw and I took Gran to Hannah's birthday party. Hannah is her great granddaughter just like me. Gran is 78 years old.

Date: Monday, January 12, 1998

..... Hello Kayla;
I wondered why you didn't write before, I thought maybe you didn't come to your Mamaws' this weekend. I didn't get this letter until tonight. I looked for you to write all weekend. And now you did. But I missed you. I am so very sorry about Hannahs' dog. I would not like it if one of our dogs was taken. Especially if it was ChiCho!.... He is the little black Chichuahua one. He is very cute and little. He only weighs 4 pounds. He wrestles with my hands and playbites me. He loves his little squeaky toys. I will be putting a picture of him up on my page soon. We are doing my page this week to begin 1998 with my journal now that mommy can go out there to the big computer. She does the e-mail on her laptop. Did you read about little Cameron and see his picture when we sent out the address? If you did not - I hope you will do that - he is so cute and he might die because he needs surgery that is very dangerous for him. Ask your grandparents to look on our page for CAMERON JONES. His surgery was supposed to be today but he got sick and is running a fever and they had to wait now till it stops. We are praying for him and for his family. Maybe you would like to do that too and maybe send him some e-mail at the hospital. You can click on a little fairy on his page and it will address his mail to the hospital for you and you only have to say what you want to say and send it. ~ Love, Brandi

Date: Sat, 24 Jan 1998 14:44:07 -0500
Subject: Re: Please Get Well;

Hi Brandi
I am sorry it took so long to answer your mail. We have been sick for a
very long time. I hope that we get better soon so we can e-mail more often. I have had this bad cough for two weeks and nothing the doctors gave me seems to help. Sometimes I cough so hard at night I vomit. It hurts so bad, Are you getting any better? I hope so it is no fun being sick so much. I do hope your Mommy is much better also.
We will pray for you to be better soon.
Your friend Kayla.

Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 16:08:06 -0800
Subject: Re: Please Get Well;
Dear Friend, Kayla;

I am so sorry that you are sick too. I wondered why you did not write. I thought you just did not visit your grandparents again yet. Lots of kids everywhere are sick. My mommy has been giving me herbs and I got better real good but she didn't. Write to me when you visit again or when you feel better.
We don't have any school Monday or Tuesday, but I am better anyway and could have gone back. Mommy says the extra two days off will help me to be stroinger before I go back. Is your school having those two teachers' work days too? Mommy said that if she was better today - we would have sent you a pretty e-card - but she is running a fever again and that makes the screen on the monitor hurt her eyes so I won't talk anymore this time. ~ Love, Brandi
The Power of Love gives.
The Love of Power takes.

Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 14:50:29 -0500
Subject: How are you?

I am here because we have a really big snow. I got snow blind . we have no electricity at my house. I got the lion king . ~ Love Kayla

Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 16:19:26 -0500
Subject: Just to say hello
I'm sad because your pappy died. we like you. I want you to get better .

love Kayla.

Dear Kayla;

I am sorry not to answer this message till now - but wanted to let you know that it was not my Pappy who died... He is my NaNas' husband, Roger. I call my Nana - Mommy, but her husband is my grandfather and I call him Pappy. My Papaw is my fathers' father. I called my fathers' mother and father Mamaw and Papaw... That is who died. He was 63 and had a heart attack in his sleep. He wasn't feeling good the day before that, but when he called the doctors' office, they couldn't get him an appointment until the next day at 10:30. But he died at about 5 o'clock before then. I think he should have gone to the emergency room at the hospital when the doctor told him to wait until the next day, don't you? But he is in his new home now and I will see him there when I go to be with God and Jesus too. I am sad about my Papaw too. Your flowers which you and your grandparents sent to the funeral were very pretty. He only had four baskets of flowers. I thought that was sad. At my Uncle Erics' funeral there was a whole bunch of them and we had to take a van just for them when we took him up to Freesoul Rock - and then we all took the flowers out of the containers and threw them off out there where his ashes were. My mommy is feeling better now - but at the funeral it was cold and windy and she has to get better again after that time. She is on an antibiotic. We might see each other this June! Won't that be lots of fun?
We have been out of school for two days here - are you there?

Love, Brandi

Date: Sun, 8 Feb 1998 14:26:41 -0500
Subject: Re: Just to say hello

Dear Brandi
It is ok for you not to answer til now. You have had a lot of sickness along with the death of your Papaw Ross. I just got to come to my Papaws and mamaws
late last night. We got up this morning to find that mamaw was real sick again like your mommy was last week with high fever and vomiting which is not good
because she has been sick to long.
Some one should have taken your Papaw Ross to the emergency room. It is not good when the doctors are so busy. So many of our old people have to go untreated and this happens. It is a sad time for all of us when someof our friends
loved ones go to be with GOD,but also imakes us happy to know they are going to be with our GOD in HEAVEN where they will not need any doctors because GOD will be taking care of them there. I am sorry that we got mixed up on which one of your grandfathers had went to be with GOD please forgive me. Yes it will be a great day in heaven when we can meet with our lovedones again. The flowers were sent with our love and to let you know that our hearts were sad for you and to let you know that we love you very much. It is sad that there was no more flowers than four. I guess that people were to busy to notice. I wonder how they will feel when one of their loved ones goes to be withGOD in heaven? Your Papaw Ross didn't really need the flowers because he was already with GOD and was walking down the pathway which would be lined with beautiful roses and other pretty flowers which will never fade or lose their beauty to the place where GOD had prepared before Your Papaw Ross had even started up the beautiful stair way to heaven lined withbeautiful angels.
Yes your Uncle Eric was indeed loved by many people and you should be very proud to have had him for a uncle as he was no doubt very very proud to have you for a niece.
Papaw Jim says that if nothing bad happens that we will get to see each
other and get to have lots of fun together in June. Papaw also helped me type today so I could tell you more things'

Will close for now til next time with LOVE and HUGS to YOU
{{{{{{{{{{{My friend BRANDI}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Date: Sun, 8 Feb 1998 18:00:54 -0800
Subject: Re: Just to say hello
Hello Kayla;

Nice to hear from you again, Kayla! I am so sorry that your Mamaw is sick - we sure do know what that is like! I have been doing a lot of fun stuff while we were sick. We watched movies and I did lots WORDSEARCH puzzles which I like to do a lot! We also do a fun thing - we blow up a balloon and tie it in a knot and then we gently bounce it back and forth with each other. Even if you are sick - you can usually play that a little bit and it helps to not feel bad about being sick. Mommy says that playing is like a good medicine.
Did your cousins' dog ever come home? I think about them and it is sad - so I wondered about it. I am glad you got the LION KING - it is a neat movie. I have it too. I also have the computer CD game and I like it a lot. When you come to visit - I will let you play with it - you would like the SIMBA POUNCING game!
It is a school night so I will close for now. I was happy to hear from you again.
Mommy and I will pray for your Mamaw and hope that she gets better. It takes a long time to feel right again after that flu. Even I don't feel the same yet! Are you feeling good?
Bye for now, Love and hugs {{{{{{{Kayla}}}}}}} ~ From, Brandi

Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 19:11:04 -0500
Dear Brandi
I came by to answer your mail and to check on Mamaw, She is feeling a lot better. I want to thank you and your Mommy for praying for her. It was nice to hear from you also. My Papaw told my mother that I had some mail but would not let any one open it till I got here because it is just between the two of us (you and me) :)
You do the same kind of stuff with your mommy that mamaw and papaw do with me. If we run out of balloons papaw slips into the kitchen and gets one of mamaws gloves that she uses to clean with and when he is gone she does the same thing so I guess that is alright as long as both of them are in on this little game. They are so much fun. Just wait till you get to meet them.
Yes, I think playing like your mommy says is good medicine. I really like the mamaw and papaw kind of play medicine. Papaw has played with me most of my life and lets me chose what games to play. I have been doing a few crafts while mamaw is resting . No my cousins' dog did not come and I think someone stole it . It was a good dog. I will close now I have go to my other home.
With Love and hugs{{{{Brandi}}}} ~ Kayla (Papaw showed me how to hug you. )

Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 07:30:51 -0800
Dear Kayla;

We care and are happy to pray for our friends.
My Papaw told my mother that I had some mail but would not let anyone open it till I got here.
----> ^Do you read our mail all by yourself? I don't think I could do that when I was 6. You must be a good reader! ----> because it is just between the two of us (you and me) :)----> ^But our mail is not a secret - you told me you would like it if we had a page on the internet - so our mail is there - do you want me not to do that? Is it okay with your parents and grandparents? ----> gets one of mamaws' gloves that she uses to clean with ^----> When I used to have to take seizure medicines - until I was about 6, my mommy would have to take me to the laboratory at the hospital so they could take blood from my arm and see how much medicine was in my blood every month. When they do that, it hurts... but they were nice to me there. I would get a sticker and a sucker and sometimes they would blow up the glove they wear when ther use the needle on your arm. They would blow it up and tie it and it was like a funny balloon and we would play with it that day! *smiles* ----> Just wait till you get to meet them. ^----> We are looking forward to our June visit! Mommy said if your papaw is comfortable driving in city traffic, we could go to the National Zoo in Washington D.C. !!! Buy there are lots of other places to go too - so we plan to be with you all you want! *S* It will be so much fun! ----> lets me chose what games to play.
^----> I like to play card games. Do you like to play Uno? We play that almost every night. Sometimes we play war with regular cards, or OldMaid or Fish... But my favorite is Uno. I also like to play games on my computer while mommy works at her computer. And I like to draw and color. I have my own big desk to use... ----> No my cousins' dog did not come and I think someone stole it . ^----> Oh, I am so sorry about that. She must be very, very sad and probably keeps thinking it might come home. Do you miss it too? I have homework most nights after school, and so I sometimes don't have time for the computer on weeknights. I always do on weekends though. We are praying for all of you since you got the flu too! It was a terrible flu. My mommys' came back when she was finished with her antibiotics - but not as bad as the first time.

Love, Brandi

Dear Kayla;

I just got home from school and I want to thank you for the nice presents that you sent to us! My mommy loved BUBBA... She saw him at Christmas-time and said she wanted one a LOT! But she didn't get him for herself. Then when you sent me two teddy-bears and one of them was BUBBA, I told her she could have that one. She says we can share him. I lvoed the white one best anyway! I take him everywhere in the house with me. I gave that one two names - Papaw Jim, and FUZZY... It was a lot of fun to get that surprise! Thank you for wanting to do it! I was going 6to thank you this morning when I was writing to you but the bus came first so I sent that letter and came to tell you this part now. ~ Love, Brandi

Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 15:24:20 -0500
Subject: Re: HAPPY VALINTINES' DAY (Goofed on the first one!)

Hi Brandi,
I have missed you. Thank you for sending me the valentine. I cannot get to it because webtv does not provide that service. Papaw will have to get me a computer. I got a certificate from school today because I got a 90 in my lab class where we have our school computers.


Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 16:11:51 -0800
Subject: Re: HAPPY VALINTINES' DAY (Goofed on the first one!)
Dear Kayla;

Hi! I am sorry that your Valentine didn't open. Did you get the ones we sent in the package? We were at my greatgrandparents yesterday and while we were there, mommy bought a carpet sweeper from Great-grandma. He mother sells Stanley products and we buy them from them when we need things. It was a Stanley sweeper and I just love using it on the carpets.

Love, Brandi

Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 20:27:49 -0500
Subject: THANK YOU!!!

Dear Brandi,
I came to see Papaw and mamaw. I went in the kitchen and saw a big box. I ask mamaw "whose is this?" she said "yours". I was soooooo happy. I tore all the paper off and found all my gifrs and our valentines. Thank you Thank you. I like everything. I'm wearing my bracelet now. It is so nice to have new friends. I like the pictures too. Now I have one of my very own. Oh and papaw and mamaw like their things also. I have to go to bed now.
{{{{{{Brandi and mommy}}}}}} Love Kayla

Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 15:36:47 -0500
Subject: Re: Just to say hello

Hello Brandi,
this is Brenda Kayla's mommie. I was just reading your journal about your daddy forgetting about you....not to make you sad but I just wanted you to know that I don't forget about you.... I think of you alot. I know I don't really know you but sometimes you don't have to know someone to know that they are truly beautiful from the inside out. You are a special beautiful little promising person and you are loved by many. You have stole our hearts and we have never met you. You should hold your head high and be proud of yourself you have overcome amazing
odds and are truly wonderful. My sweet precious Kayla thinks the world of you too. You are her special friend. She doesn't live close to any children she can play with alot. Except for she sees her friends at school. She says hello and that she loves you. Thank you for the gifts you sent her that was very sweet. Take Care sweetheart. Tell your mommie I will answer her letter tom. I have run out of time here today. I am sorry I haven't answered yet. ~ Love, Brenda

Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 18:18:53 -0800
Subject: Sorry I was so long writing back!

Dear Kayla and your Mommy Brenda;
Thank you for writing to me. I am sorry that I took so long to write back this time - but after mommy was sick for so long - she has been real busy and then we don't have much time on school nights to be at the computer together. So here I am now.
We were going to write last weekend - but on Saturday we went to visit my widowed Mamaw. We got pizza from Pizza-Hut and took it over there and had a pizza-party with her. Then she got some of her peaches which she ~preserves in jars~ from the peaches which grow in her yard on a tree - and some Angel-Food cake which she saved from the dinner (she put it into the freezer) after Papaws' funeral... and we had dessert.
My Mamaws' name is Geraldine. Some people call her Gerry. She is blind.... so she doesn't get out very much. She does really good though, for being blind. She can do most anything that people who see can do. She had something called Retinitis Pigmentosa, and my father and his uncle and grandmother and the rest of that side of the family mostly went blind from it too. It doesn't happen when you are young. It begins to happen when you are about twenty and then sometimes it happens real slow and sometimes pretty fast... you just see less and less and then are blind. I know that it is something that really might happen to me... Mommy has explained about ~genes~ that we can get from our family. If I do have to go blind like all of them, I hope that it happens slower and not faster. Because I like to see things and I love to read very much. I have heard that you can learn to read with your hands...
The next day we went to my Great-Grammas' and Great Grandpas' house for that day (Sunday) like last week - so we were gone out all weekend too! We loved the presents you sent to us a LOT - my mommy takes BUBBA-BEAR everywhere a lot to show him to people and when they hear him they just giggle and laugh and like him a lot too. I take Fuzzy-Papaw-Bear around some too - but not everywhere because he is white and I don't want him to get dirty. He sleeps up in my bunk-bed with me and some other bears and things.
You will my little doggie ChiCho. He only weighs 3 pounds. The other two dogs are much bigger - but they all play and have fun together.... I am so excited that you are coming to visit with us for a week maybe this summer in June! We will have a lot of fun doing things together, don't you think?
It is getting late now and I have to get ready for bed so we can watch The WALTONS together. I like to snuggle with my mommy before bedtime.... Sometimes on Friday and Saturday nights, I fall asleep in her bed and spend the
night in her room. We make popcorn on those nights and eat sliced-up apples too. I like the weekends best.

Love from, Brandi

Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 14:53:53 -0500
Subject: Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

Dear Brandi,
I was glad to get your letter. We have been busy too. My mother and daddy are looking for a new place to live. They have found a place they like really well but don,t know if they will be able to buy it yet. It is near a creek and has lots of room for me to play and a good place for our dogs. I'm sure I will like your ChiCo. I know a lady that has a tiny dog. It can sit in her hand it is so small. It has it's own room and sleeps in a playpen at night. I am looking forward to meeting you this summer. My mother may come too. Daddy will be working. I am glad you like Bubba Bear and Fuzzy Papaw Bear. I like my Bubba Bear too. I bring him with me when I am at Papaw and Mamaws' I bet Your mamaw Gerry had fun eating pizza with you and mommy. I love pizza. Sometimes I even eat it for breakfast. How neat to have a peach tree in your Mamaw's yard. My mamaw preserves food in jars too. She likes to preserve beans, tomatoes and fruit. She also likes to make jelly and jams.
I am sorry so many of your family are blind but I am happy to know your mamaw has learned how to do things anyway. You may not have the genes that cause the problem. It is good to know that blind people can learn to read with their hands isn't it?
I think mamaw may let me play outside for a little while. That is if I don't start coughing too much. Papaw is taking a nap. He has a 24/7 beeper from his work this week. Sometimes he gets very little sleep.
Write when you and mommy have time. ~
Love Kayla

Date: Fri, 6 Mar 1998 15:40:10 -0800
Dear Kayla;

This was a busy week and I didn't have time to write I am sorry about it though.
I Heard that you had an earache - I know that hurts really bad. I hope you are better now and will have fun on the weekend. They are my favorite times to have fun and we don't have to go to bed so early.
Will your new house be closer to your Mamaw and Papaw? I hope you will like it - Do you get a chance to help pick it out? I have always lived here in this house and I would never want to ever move out of it either. Will there be more kids for you to play with? I hope so....
We will be a lot of us if your mother comes too - that will be fun!
I sometimes eat Pizza for breakfast too - even cold or
heated up in the microwave.
ChiCho has a little pen - but he sleeps with my mommy and we only put him in it when we have to leave him home alone - so he won't get scared. Sometimes we put him in there when he has been naughty too.
Mommy says your Mamaw doesn't feel good again either. I hope she gets better real soon too. I just got home from school and an going to go and play now. If you were here we could go out and play together if your ear wasn't hurting.
I am glad you have a Bubba Bear too. He is so cute.
Love, from Brandi

Date: Sun, 8 Mar 1998 15:17:21 -0500
Dear Brandi,

It has taken me a long time to answer your letter. I had some warts treated and it was hard for me to sit for several days. I had some on the back of my legs. They feel better now. My earache is better. Yesterday papaw and mamaw took me to McDonalds so I could play in the play room and to eat when I finished playing. I had a lot of fun. I made a new friend. Her name is Kati. Wish you could have been here too. I was really tired because I played for a long time.
We don't know yet where our new home will be. One place we all liked we may not be able to get because my dad hurt his hand really bad and can't work for at least 3 months.
I lived in the same house for 6 years and it was hard for me to move but I wanted to be with my mother and dad.
I want to play with ChiCho when we visit. I hope my mother can come too. She loves animals like we do.
Mamaw is feeling better and has played with me a lot. We had to play inside because it has been raining. I would like to play with you outside.
Do you like to swim? Do you have a swimming pool nearby? I like to swim. My mother will be coming to get me in a little while. I will be back next weekend or maybe before. Have a good week at school.
Love from your friend Kayla {{{{{{{Brandi}}}}}}

Date: Tue, 17 Mar 1998 20:33:42 -0800
Hello Kayla;

Gosh, it took me too long to answer you, I know. I hope you will forgive me. We have not had much time lately. There are too many things to do. Mow that mommy can drive again, we go to my great-grandparents and we go to my Mamaws' to visit her too since she is living alone and we want to check on her and be sure that everything
is okay over there. I will not take so long next time. When mommy had to stay in bed - we did our mail there and didn't have so many other things to do. We are so glad that your ear is better.
We go to MacDonalds some, but I like playing in the BurgerKing playground too, Do you? Well, it is a school night and I have to go to bed now Kayla. I will answer you quicker next time you write. ~ Love, Brandi

Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 18:05:02 -0500

Dear Brandi,
Today I went to Biltmore Square Mall.I wish you were here and we could go to the Asheville McDonalds Playground. Our McDonalds has an indoor Playground. Our Burger King only has an outdoor Playground. That is why I go to McDonalds in the winter. I got to play with my cousin Hannah yesterday at my Grans house. I also got to see her little brother. He is 5 weeks old. My Great Aunt Judy was here to take Gran home with her. ~ your friend KAYLA.

Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 12:19:58 -0800
Dear Kayla;

I am sorry that it took me so long to write back. When the weather was nice I played outside after school and then there wasn't any time for the computer! So I didn't even turn it on. Today it is raining out and so I am at the computer. I think when school is out we will be able to write more, don't you? I hope your ears and everything are all right now. I did not miss even one day this quarter - and that is the first time since I started school (when I was three years old) that I did that!!! I think I am getting healthier now.
I am glad you had fun at the mall and with your cousin. I think we will have a lot of fun playing here when you come too. Playgrounds inside of McDonalds are neat.
Love, Brandi

Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 14:13:19 -0500
Dear Brandi,

I like you. Last week I went on a field trip with Mr. Ezelle from my school. Some of my class went us and the rest of my class stayed at school. We went to Indian Night Sky and Busy Town. We had fun. We loved it!!
Good for you not missing any school days this quarter. My ears are well now but I coughed all night last night. I have a doctors appointment on Monday.
I like to be outside when the weather is nice. Last weekend we walked for 1 and 1/2 miles in the woods. The next day we went to the lake to feed the ducks, geese and killdeer. Some of the geese took bread from my hand. One of the geese had my fingers in his beak. We also saw wild turkeys. One of the turkeys is an albino. They come out in a field near my papaw and mamaw's house to eat.
It is cloudy here today but no rain yet. We are going to go grocery shopping in a little while. ~ Your Friend, KAYLA

Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 18:30:36 -0800
Hello Kayla;

My cousin Beth moved here now and we play together. She is in the fifth grade. She goes to church with us too, we pick her up and we also pick up my Mamaw who is blind. They like going to our church. Beth lives in a townhouse with her mother and father and little brother, Zachary. It is still nice outside, so I am going to go back out and play. I just finished eating spaghetti and meatballs for my dinner. Mommy bought a big box of grapefruit from my cousin Jason who was selling it for his school. I LOVE grapefruit. Do you like it? We will be having three-fold-Holy-Communion at our church on Thursday. We are Brethren, and two times a year we do this special communion. We eat bread and meat and have communion and we wash each others' feet like Jesus did with His disciples. We have communion at other times too - but not with the foot-washing except these two times. Last year was the first time I did it with Mommy. My mother came with us that time. Do you do that? We will be going to a Sun-rise service too, on Sunday. Then we have donuts and fruit and juice and stuff like that afterwards in the church downstairs where the Sunday school rooms are. Then we have regular church and Sunday school after that. We go to my Great-grandparents house for Easter dinner. This will be a busy week. Do you have school Friday? We don't.
I have to go now before it gets cool outside. It is already late but it doesn't look like it because they changed the clocks forward. I do not like when they change the clocks.
Love, Brandi

Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 16:11:47 -0400
Hello Brandi,

We have been very busy. Mamaw and I have been doing crafts and a lot of baking. Today we went to Toys "R"Us and got WishBone. I have been wanting him for a while. We got my cousin Jensie a rabbit that plays music and sings also a baby chick that cheeps. I am glad you can play with your cousin Beth. Today is very beautiful. We are going for a walk in the woods after we finish this letter. We will be glad when we can swim every day.
Tomorrow I am going on a field trip with my class. I am looking forward to that. One day next week our grandparents are invited to eat lunch with us at school. My mamaw will be coming to eat with us. Papaw will be working or he would come too.
No I don't like grapefruit. I like applesauce but not many fruits.
We are Southern Missionary Baptist . We observe The Lords Supper. We have unleavened bread and grape juice instead of wine. We do not have communion or foot washing. There are many sun-rise services in our area. A lot of the churches have combined services. We usually have a family gathering at my Grans house for Easter Sunday Dinner. This year Gran is in Va. We will be having dinner at mamaw and papaws or go on a family picnic if the weather is nice and everyone can get together. We are not
familiar with Brethren. Would you like to tell us more about your church?
Daylight Savings Time is hard to get used to. I wish they would just leave it the same all the time. Hope you are having fun playing. ~ Your Friend, Kayla

Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 09:41:34 -0800
Subject: Monday after Easter
Hello Kayla;

I haven't seen the WishBone toy but I did see the television show before. He is cute. I saw that they have a NIGHT-TIME Bubba bear now! He looks cute too! Did you get one of him? I have one of those chicks that ~chirps. I like going to Toys-R-Us - it is a fun place.
We have been very busy too! We have lots of stuff to do in the yard this time of year and I love to play outside! We filled the pool and I was so excited - and then it leaked right back to the hose-line - so something wasn't sealed up right and today my Aunt Jeanne is coming over to re-do it again. When they took the thumb-joints out of my mommys' hands - there are some things she can't do anymore... so my Aunt Jeanne does them for her. Do you have a swimming pool too? We are going on a field trip when I go back to school Tuesday. We are going to a great big Milk Dairy Plant - "Shennandoahs' Pride"!!! I am looking so forward to it there! I like going places like that! We drink their milk at school every day. We are going to go in a freezer room, but my teacher said that I can't go in there because of my Asthma. We will also go into a refrigerator room which is not as cold so she says I can go in there with them. Our parents are ALWAYS invited any day they want to have lunch with us at school, so my mommy comes one day a week to eat with me. *S* I like that.
We went to the Sunrise service yesterday. We had to get up at 4:30. Mommy had to wake me up 5 times before we got out of bed! After the service we had donuts and muffins and mornings. We always go to the first (early) one. Then they have Sunday school and then another service. We always stay for Sunday school. Mommy and I like that a lot! We also take my mamaw now and she is liking it very much. She laughs more and is having fun more than I remember before now. She is not baptized yet even. Mommy and I are praying for her to do that. She likes going to church a lot with us! She even came to the communion service. Beth doesn't even know much at all about Jesus - on the way to church Sunday, mommy asked her if she knew what Easter meant and why we have it - and Beth did not even know! So she told her on the way there....We have never known Beth until she moved here last month! Mommy says that some things take time to do. I pray that there will be time for both her and my mamaw to be saved before Jesus comes back. Did I tell you that my mamaw is blind? We had a really nice Easter Sunday dinner with my mommys' parents (my great-grandparents). I got sick and had a fever, but mommy gave me some Motrin and I slept all the way until dinner was ready and then I got up and ate and feel fine ever since. I was more tired though.
My aunt and uncle and cousins just got here so I have to go... ~ Love, Brandi

Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 15:46:20 -0400

Hi Brandi,
Kayla wanted me to help her write you a letter so here I am. It is rainy here and a little chilly. She goes back to school tom. her Easter break is over for now. Please tell your mommie thank you for all the neat things she has sent to me. I will try to write her soon I have been really busy lately trying to get things cleaned up and moving. We hope you are well and happy and we will write you soon. Thank you all for your friendship and Love. Til next time ~ Love, Kayla and Brenda

Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 17:05:38 -0400
Subject: Sunday 4-19-98

Dear Brandi,
I hope you are still well and playing outside with your cousins. You had to get up really early for The Sunrise Service. I am glad you had a good time at you Great Grandparents house. I have to go back to school tomorrow from spring break. Have you been to the Diary Plant yet? I did not know you had Asthma. Is it under controll most of the time?
I am glad you told Beth about The Resurrection. I hope your grandmother will soon accept Jesus as her Saviour and be baptized.
Did your Aunt Jeanne get the pool leaks stopped for your mommy? No I do not have the nighttime Bubba. I sleep with WishBone. I like him a lot. My cousin Jensie and her mother have gone to Daytonia Florida for the week.
I have to go now, ~ Your Friend, Kayla

Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 18:11:42 -0800

Hello Kayla;
It is raining here too. Really hard! Lots and lots of rain for two days. Mommy was wishing that she got all her flowers planted but some of them are still in Erics' memorial under the deck. We were going to catch up my journal here - but it keeps beginning to thunder sometimes and then we disconnect from the internet.     I hope that you had a nice resurrection day at your home. It was nice here. We went to my great-grandparents house and had dinner with them after church, We were at church for almost 5 hours.     I fell off of a chair today and cut my mouth. It stopped bleeding real fast though but it is swollen some now. Then, I did a bad thing this afternoon. I wanted to get my own soup (mommy made us a big pot of homemade chicken with rice and pasta soup - it is delicious!). So I didn't even ask mommy, I just went in there and started to get it with a big soup ladle and a big bowl and the bowl slipped our of my hand and splashed on me!
We put cold water on me and it stopped it right away and they mommy put aloe-cream on me so there would not be any chance of blisters just in case. It scared me. It scared Peach and mommy even more! I will not do something like that again. Sometimes I think I can do more things than I really can do and I should be careful to have someone with me to watch and keep me safe. I should not have done that without telling anybody and
being by myself.
I hope you will have a good week at school. We went back on Tuesday. That was when I went to the Milk dairy "Shenandoahs' Pride" It is thundering again so I have to send this and close now. ~ Love Brandi

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