Eric made his choice
to be baptized early one Spring when we were standing on Freesoul Rock. It was a favorite place of ours to go to. ~ And in the Spring of 1996, we returned with what remained of him and dispersed his ashes.... In the same place where, at seven years of age, he'd turned to us there and solemnly announced......
~ "I want my name to be written in
The Lambs' ~ "Book Of Life" ~

It therefore seemed fitting to us to return to the earth there, what was of the earth in that same place where he had given our God his young heart... Now that the part of him that was of God, had returned to God, we returned, as the Bible has said, what was of the earth, to the earth from which it came.....

"I want my name to be written in
~The Lambs' ~
~"Book Of Life" ~

I remember when I snapped this picture for it seemed that Eric
was either talking or listening to God
in a private moment just after his first ~death~ in the river.......

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