~ 1840 ~
By Eric Lee Baker

On such a crisp and
gray fringed dawn
his lips touch hers
a kiss so long
to last until he's gone away
a family broken
a love astray

apart yet still belonging
to a revolution
they can't know
the children sent
to factories
and the heartlands
swathed in snow

rumors tell of all
the changes
and the machines
to pave the way
for the riches, glory 
and dreams unknown
of a lost and dying age

and the roar of all the engines
and the cries of soft despair
the steam of burning water
and the coins' harsh glinted glare

all combine to realize
all combine to feed
at the cost of all compassion
for the rage of industrial greed

All of it for progress
replacing poverty with gold
with all the dreams now lingering
in a world gone much too cold

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