"What is man", Eric asks,
"doing to the earth, 
in the game of greed and name of progress?"

by Eric Lee Baker

trickle through this lush of green 
your steel, your wood are bone
cutting flesh in frenzied flashes
as the surgeons' slicing you condone

for blood is money in the minds of men
fill your lungs with
black death
let them speak of what's to come..... 
as you take every breath

your jet black tongues obliterate
and chase away the sun
profit and progress at any cost

now the damage has been done

with what destruction?  with what despair?
could you have ravaged anymore?
the land lays split and broken
wounds we can't ignore!

and man, in all his ignorance
his obsessions
and his pride
did not intend for death to come
nor prepare it a place to reside

so now it rides the continent 
across the great divide 
its' tracks
like rotting stitches 
sewn forever
in its' side.

America the Beautiful


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