Jeanne Marie Colgan, Dingus
Lifespan,  October 24, 1961 ~ June 3, 2007
A soul set free to fly

I want to say that Jeanne Marie Dingus, age 45, left this world on Sunday, June 3, 2007.  Jeanne was born at Prince Georges' General Hospital in Landover, Maryland, on a Tuesday, October 24, 1961.    My Jeanne was 45 years old.   Many are asking us the how and why of this unexpected and untimely death, but we don't know that ourselves.  We never will know that now, for she was cremated thereafter.  We thought that she was to have an autopsy but there was none.   I thought that an autopsy was a given when someone so young dies an unexpected death at their home.  This is no longer true.  When I left her there at the hospital Sunday evening, we'd assumed an autopsy would be done.  The next day we learned that the choice about an autopsy and the financial responsibility is left to the next of kin (her husband) and he chose not to have one done! Never assume anything.  

Jeanne Marie Dingus was predeceased by her brother,  
Eric Lee Baker, in 1996.

Surviving are her husband, Bobby Dingus, 2 sons, Jason Dingus and Bobby Edgington Eric Dingus, (Mr Bee) and one daughter, Jessica Rose Dingus - all of Strasburg.  Her mother, Nina Baker, one sister, Catherine Christine Colgan, both of Woodstock.  Also a brother, Colin Andrew Colgan,  her maternal grandmother Roberta Emily Spence, 4 nieces, Shannon Romick, Chastidy Romick, Heather Baker/Kibler, Brandi Ross and one nephew, Richard Samuel Baker. 

When I asked if she were going to be left to lay there on that gurney next to an access door of the emergency room or if they were going to take her to the hospital mortuary, no one knew.  I did not want to leave her unattended until someone came for her.  They'd asked us to leave as we had been there several hours and we were in their way.  "But where are they taking her now?"  I wanted, to know.  I needed to know.  Where was my child going to be when I turned and left her?  I had no authority to make a demand of these employees and apparently, no right to know.  Mothers lose that authority when our children marry and have homes and children of their own.   And so, bidden to leave,  I did as they commanded and we left my beloved Jeanne, laying nakedly under a sheet, on a gurney, alone, against a wall, in a hallway access to the emergency room of our hospital.   I went out into the rain,  on that Sunday evening,  feeling I'd been forced to abandon her at their command, leaving my daughter, where I was neither welcomed or allowed to stay with her until someone came and took her next.  An unbearable sorrow and pain that will never heal.           

I have written this obituary to memorialize Jeanne and inform others as to her death and cruel aftercare and treatment of her family in the hopes that reading this,  it should never happen to another mother.  It was devastating and I have never felt more helpless nor powerless in my life.  I hope to never face such a situation again.  May it never happen in such a way to you or your loved ones either.   
~   Nina Roberta Baker~
Read about Mr Bees' birth from my journal
See Mother & Daughter birthing team

These pages are from the website of my beloved daughter, 
I am importing the website, which Jeanne created for you, into 
so that it will remain in the cyber-world.  
I wasn't able to obtain permission for her audio files... 
so I chose to put a favorite of ours (public domain version) 
on her site here instead of leaving it with no audio.

Welcome to my page. 
This site is to let others who may be interested, know something about me, 
my family, our events, and different projects and things I have designed.
The above picture is of my family, taken in 1999.
I hope you will enjoy your visit here.

A bit more about me.

For those who do not know me, I am the mother of three, 
I do part time child care and sell Mary Kay Cosmetics. 
I enjoy camping, fishing, sewing, swimming, needlework.
 I also do limited art work, and consider myself a pretty good cook.
The above picture is my first attempt to make a waterfall.
This started out as being an idea in my head, 
with patience and lots of concrete, this is what I came up with ..

My Photo Album

This is a picture of my mother and I at her home ~ 1996.

below is my mom, myself, Jessica, (my daughter) & Brandi, (my niece).

My brother, Eric, (seated at left on bench with his friend Noel),  was killed in a car crash in 1996,  
3 weeks before he was scheduled to graduate with honors from Ferrum College.

Eric & Brandi ~ Mamas' biscuit eaters (1995)

Eric in his younger days

Eric and Buffy

Eric on Mamas' Bed

My mom has also made a memorial site for my brother Eric.
It is a wonderfully creative place.
For those of you who would like to visit: 

More Of My family

Thank you for visiting my web page, I hope you are enjoying your visit here.

First though, 
are my Dads' parents, 
Eugene and Margaret Colgan 
(both deceased)

With my grandmother, below,  is our  "Mr Bee" 
(nicknamed before he was born, 
from Mamas' anagram of his name, 
Bobby Edgington Eric (Dingus) 

Nana Colgan and Mr Bee

<-- This is my sister, Cathy Colgan, 
and below, 
my dad , Colin Colgan

These are my Mamas' parents, 
my maternal grandparents

Clyde (deceased) & Roberta Spence

Creations Here you will see the beginning of my creations area. 

I made both the sign and, 
the train-board being one of my many hobbies, and the first one I made.

3-D Christmas House

This Christmas House, was one of my first designs.   Of all of my hobbies, I really enjoy this one the most.  

We have a very long driveway, and my favorite time of year is Christmas.  We go all out for it.  

I decided one year, to start making decorations for the drive.  I made us capable of having our music play outside, down along the driveway, during the season. 

I don't have pictures of all the things I have made, but will be bringing more here, as I get them.  

Some Of My Cakes

Over the years, I have made many one-of-a-kind cakes. Here you will find some of the photos I have managed to save.

Almost all of my cakes are completely edible creations.  Some were just ideas someone had of what they would like, some are more traditional.

Dancing dinos were taken from wrapping paper & party accessories

Cakes Galore !

For Mama









Mr Bs' third birthday

I also have photography as a hobby. 
Here you will see some of my favorite nature photos.

This is a breakwater in the Shenandoah River.

These are pictures of the Shenandoah valley , as seen from Skyline Drive.


Tiger Lily

Yellow Pansy

The Luray Caverns
Front Royal, Virginia

I took these photos without use of flash , with film specifically designed for dark backgrounds.


This formation is called "Fried Eggs" You can tell why.

Eggs, Anyone?

I hope you have enjoyed your brief visit to one of Nature's beautiful wonders.

My Favorite Saying

If you love something, Set it free.

If it comes back ,  It's yours.
If it doesn't,  It never was.

by Jeanne Marie Colgan, Dingus

In the dark of night
When most all are at rest
The lonely join in Spirit.
Some to think
And some not to.

The silence grows loud to the ears
And the sound is deafening

Thoughts chase each other through the mind
When time is plentiful

To some,rest and sleep are elusive
And minds are active
For bad thoughts & ugly memories
To torture to no end

In sleep, things are better
the relief is a comfort
For most things go unremembered upon awakening

But for those
For whom rest is just out of reach

The torture is never ending

The host website for Jeanne is, Erics' Memorial & Tribute
Eric Of The Misty Blue Mountains
Eric Lee Baker, Jeannes' brother

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