(Married in October 3, 1960)

Live not far from me,

with my little canine ~brother~... *Peewee*, ~~~
in a tiny little town called Quicksburg (named that, I think,
because as quick as you are in it -
you are back out of it again!!!! ) *giggles.....*

They have a Sport-shop called ~ "The Village Sports Shop"
which they established in a small barn (sort-of) which sits right next to the road.

On election day, 2004, My Dad, 
Clyde Robert Spence 
June 31, 1929 ~ November 2, 2004 

had his "New Life" birthday 
and died quietly in his sleep after an extended time of cardio-pulmonary illness.

For the funeral,  I wrote the following tribute to share 
with those gathered together with us for the service.  
I'd planned to read it aloud but was too overwhelmed to even speak,
so the pastor officiating at the service read it for me.

All through our lives 
there are times when things seem so terrible that you often hear

    “I don’t know how a loving God could allow such things as this to 
happen.  Why?  What is the point in suffering like this?”


I tell them, "I think hearts unbroken,  like words unspoken, 
Have never yet been touched by life. "


When I was 11,  my beloved Grandpappy had several strokes but lived on for
months before he died.  In that time,  he seldom knew who I was and would 
call me by his daughters’ name or no name at all. He didn’t know who I was.  
Those memories still hurt 50 years later!


When Dad fell ill and suffered oxygen deprivation 
which effected his memory and capacity to communicate, 
those emotional ghosts came to haunt me and I lived in dread 
of the day when I would call or visit and he wouldn’t know me.  
That never, ever happened.   


Thanks, Dad!  I needed that and you were the one who gave it to me.


In this last year of his life,  we bonded as never before. 
What if he had given up?  But that wasn’t my Dad.   
With the same courage that he fought for us, 
for our freedom and for our country in two wars,  
both WW2 and the Vietnam war,   
he gave unquestioningly and unreservedly, his all.   
And he did that for his family for these last years - 
we were everything to him and he stuck around long enough 
for all of us to realize that and keep it as a gift

when he had to leave us.


Three times a day I would call to check on him 
so he’d know we were all with him in our hearts.   
Mornings,  to see how he’d slept and how he was feeling,  
mid-afternoon to take “orders” for goodies or a share of our meal, 
and at evening before bedtime.  

Most every morning-call time,  he would ask - 
“Have you talked to your mother today?   Is she okay?”   
And never,  not once,  did he ever fail to say,  
“I love you , Babe” before we hung up.  
Although he did get quite confused about reality,  
he never got confused about the important things.... his family.


Brandi was nicknamed by him,  “Shortstop”   
Nicknames were a specialty with him 
and in little things like that, he never failed! 
Every time he’d say that,  Brandi would grin.  
She pretends to be miffed at teasing about her stature, 
but actually,  I think she loves it 
because it’s a special condition most of us don’t get to know 
and one thing sums up our Brandi quite well - 
Like her uncle Eric,  she loves being unique!   
When she was little and we’d be visiting Quicksburg,  
she would usually slip-up when she went to say Great Grandpa. 
Instead,  because she heard most everyone call him “Clyde”, 
she would call him “my Great Clyde”  
I think we all enjoyed that.... 
I know that he thought it was cute.   
Shortstop and Great Clyde.


In this last year, my Dads’ courage and endurance throughout 
all he suffered, made him a prayer to all who knew him.    
The staff at Tandem loved him and to see how stalwartly he endured all,  
was an inspiration not soon to be forgotten.


Love doesn’t happen until we live it, 
because... Love isn’t love until we give it.  
You learn many things from loving and being loved...    
Like - Don’t wait until a holiday to bake cookies!  Thanks to Dad, 
I’ve been baking them every week for a year now!  


Thank each and every one of you who came here today 
to join us in remembrance and honor of his life and character 
(and what a CHARACTER he was!)   You just had to love the guy!  
And I can tell you,  he loved you too!

Mom & Dad Waltz (played by Harry Todd)

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