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Radiography his vocation for over thirty years, Jerry Dreesen has pursued writing as his avocation for nearly as long.
"Writing is the creative outlet which allows me to articulate who I am, who I want to be,  define my purpose for being and, when needed, give closure to that part of my life lost, taken,
or given away
A few of his poems have been published in small press publications, a few more in electronic journals.
   His poetry reflects his experiences, his loves, and his losses.

We met in 50+ chat not very long after Erics' tragic death. After my sharing with him about what took place - Jerry, with that special ~kindred spirit bond ~ which exists between artists of the pen, wrote and gave to me, in loving compassion, the following......

For you and your family, Nina. I hope it is worthy of your sons' memory.    ~  Jerry Dreesen 
Thank you, {Jerry}, your GYPSY, (Nina)

Eric of the Blue Mist

Eric, Eric, of the blue mist,
searching now the hills and valleys
of the Shenandoah, exploring with
your eloquent words your new world ,
leaving the residue of your loving presence
shimmer on every leaf, every blade of grass,
caressing all creatures fortunate
enough to cross your path.
What do you search for, dear Eric?
What secret treasure eludes you ?
You were not here long enough to
find the prize you were preparing for.
We were not with you long enough
to watch and share the joy of your quest.

Eric, Eric of the blue mountains,
We watch the hills and valleys, the mist that
swirls and dances in morning light.
We know you are there, we see the
flowers nod in understanding as you pass,
we hear the sparrows sing their appreciation
for having you as their companion.
They know you are still with us all.
Your mother knows. She watches the mist.
She feels your touch, hears your poetry in the wind.
Eric, sweet Eric of the blue mist.

poeter ~
Jerry Dreesen   ~   (Jerry Dreesdan blog )

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