Littleton, Colorado,  Columbine High School,  April 1999

Remember Them and Let's Try Harder
by Nina Roberta Baker

I lived a life, had hopes and dreams
I died at the hands of hatreds' schemes

I'll never again see you in this life
I've gone on now, where there is no strife

For the sake of my loved ones, with hearts so sore
Remember each of us and what we lived for

And thank God, today, for your loved ones, near
While with our families, you shed a tear

None of us knows now, why this time came,
What we do know is, that many are to blame

Not just the two, who held the bomb and gun,
We all decide how laws and our Country will run.

Many share the fires of violence, cruelty and hate
Bred in the hearts like those who caused our fate

Look around you right now, perhaps even you,
Could make a difference even in just a few

Intercede, if you will, before the time ends
For innocents like me and my family and friends

Don't just say "It's a shame" and do nothing to change
Take a good look at youth alienated and strange,

And see if there's somewhere, they could find healing
Before once again, our country aches with this feeling

by Nina Roberta Baker

We won't ever forget Littletons' Columbine High tragedy.

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