No greeting card was ever given

Except, you meant each word and thought

Thousands read, but few ever chosen

It had to be perfect or just wasn't bought!


The very best, and purest gift

I ever saw you choose to give

Was to a little neighbor boy, who

across the field from us, did live...


Flames red and gold , lit up the sky

On a cold and bitter winters' night..

We stood a long time at our front door

Hearts so heavy at our neighbors' plight


Together, we stood and watched helplessly

As their home and belongs burnt to the ground

We talked about what we each could do

Then in what you'd gathered to give, I found


Not those toys that you seldom touched

Or had somehow found unappealing

No! You had chosen your favorite things

Gifts you knew you would long be feeling.....


I checked the box of things you chose

And when I asked if you were sure

Your shining face turned up to mine

Full of eagerness and Love so pure


you said...


"I think that he will like these, mommy

They are my very best"

My heart overflowing, I held you close

"You get an "A" on your ~Loving~ test!"


What if, on that fateful night

You'd not said yes to that request

If you had just gone on to bed

And left that student to fail his test????


Would there have been another family

Late that night to the message awaken

That from a loved one traveling on that road

Life had so quickly been taken?


You were willing to give so freely

Always with love and eagerness

Where you saw a need, whether asked or not...

You gave your best... and nothing less!


So it was that you went to town

Getting food to use for fuel....

As you faced long hours to help another

Achieve his best at school




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