I know it's not right
I have to let you go!
But it's so hard to do it
Eric, I love you so!

If I could ask, I would plead
Let me see your dear face
Let me feel that deep warmth
Of my dear sons' embrace ....

Let me see those brown eyes
Looking into my own
Let me hear that deep voice
In my ear from the phone

Let me go to sleep cozy,
So secure and so warm
The way I always felt
With you home from the dorm.

Dear God... Somewhere still...
in the back of my mind
As each holiday comes
I guess I think I will find..

Your black car in the yard
Your head on its' pillow
And when Spring comes again
You will mow 'round our willow.

........ unfinished

Written materials by Nina Roberta Baker 1997

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