ERICS' BIRTHDAY ~~~ July 1, 1997~~~

Took the black balloons to Freesoul this morning, 24 of them (well, actually, 25!) one for each year Iíve been Ericsí mother.

Also - released one for the year when I carried him within my body as now within my heart.

Since he has been Brandisí *Uncle Eric* for the seven years of her life (all of which, until he died, we have lived together) I let her release seven of them.

When I stopped by the florist for one red rose to leave there too... the woman would not allow me to pay for it!
She hugged me and sent me on my way...... crying..................
Here is todaysí poem written this morning;


Just One Red Rose....
A Token Of ~
My Heart, My Soul
And So Much Love.
Not Just For You,
But From You Too,
And The Unbroken Bond
Between Me And You....
Just One Red Rose,
Left Here Today,
A Small But Heartfelt
Way To Say, ~
Though Death And Separation
Makes Me Cry,
The Love We Shared
Will Never Die!

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