I read and then re-read them
I feel your presence near
Some of them bring comfort
while others cause a tear.

Your words how they inspire me
To stretch, to bend to grow.
With humor, wit and wisdom
Ignorance your only foe.

The shroud of night envelops me
Cold, lonely, velvet black
And selfishly... post-midnight hours
Stir desires to have you back.

Time, it is so strange to me,
I'm lost, I don't know how
To span that widening chasm
I call by "then and now..."

Everything is measured now (by me)
Before and after
There's nowhere in the middle
So little Love and laughter

So very large a part of me
Died with you on that night
Few around me know
or understand
Living life is such a fight........


Written words by Nina Roberta Baker 1997

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