It has long been a hobby of mine to collect, categorize and share jokes.... I love'em!!! I rewrite a lot of them myself (sort'of part of the hobby for me) just for intensifying or smoothing out the humor and extending the laff-value. I also rewrite "put-down" jokes aimed at categorically demeaning a people. I do this by means of using a neutral, annonymous entity named Bubba.

I did write one joke entirely though - just for the challenge of doing it. You will have to guess which one it was that I wrote, - I'll never tell! For anonymity is the tradition of most all humor - Is it not? Just enjoy it all, and don't worry about remembering or honoring anyone, Humor needs no `burdens' to carry, it is intended to take them off, not put any on! *G* ! Just in case you're one of those people who will just HAVE to know or wanna' guess... e-mail me and I will ....................
"Letcha fynde owt wich wun it wuz"
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