What do you know about the PEGASUS?

Here is what the Encyclopedia Britannica has to say..... Pegasus

#1 ~ A favourite theme in Greek art and literature, ( myths and stories developed by the ancient Greeks concerning their gods and heroes, the nature of the cosmos, and their own religious practices) and in late antiquity Pegasus' soaring flight was interpreted as an allegory of the souls' immortality; in modern times it has been regarded as a symbol of poetic inspiration.
#2 ~ Any of a series of three U.S. scientific satellites launched in 1965. These spacecraft were named for the winged horse in Greek mythology because of their prominent wing-like structure. This "wing," which spanned 96 feet (29 metres), was specially designed to record the depth and frequency with which it was pierced by micrometeoroids. The information was used to design the outer shell of the manned Apollo spacecraft to prevent penetration of such high-speed particles of space dust. The data also enabled engineers to develop space suits that would shield astronauts from micrometeoroids when working outside their craft. The Pegasus ranks among the largest U.S. spacecraft ever built, with its center section extending 71 ft (21.6 m) in length.

I had  sketched this Pegasus the year before Eric was killed.    
Ever the romantic soul, I then decided to use it to make an award
to be given out in his name.......

pegsus-a.jpg (49965 bytes)
Took two scans because the original  sketch was so large!
pegsus-b.jpg (40460 bytes)


Roger put it together for me and now it is..... The
Eric Lee Baker Award

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