Thursday, August 8, 1997 .....................I have chosen the following as my first sharing with you all here - since it is the computer which brought me out into the world where you are meeting me ! First bought Eric a Magnavox computer when he was in High school (and we knew he would be going off to college in a few years). I loved to write, and was very attracted to the idea of word-processing - but had never touched a keyboard (except on my old Olivetti typewriter manufactured sometime in the BC <before computers> era.... *G*  Roger was ~after~ me to get into learning to use the computer - but I, like so many others then and now... was somewhat in awe of the whole idea of mans' creation of an electronic brain... It seemed almost a ~Living thing~ and I was afraid I would kill it with some fatal error in handling the ~organ~ At last - the day came when he found a way to entice me to sit before the monitor and begin using the mouse (clever guy bought me a game!   In those days - I was a video - game - addict and he knew that was a sure way to entice me to what he wanted me to learn!!!!!).  I am forever indebted to the guy for that!!!!!  For it has opened worlds within and without of my small one here which I (temporarily occupy and lay claim to) as I inhabit this finite realm  before reaching my eternal  ~Home~
GYPSY & her Pewter!

The day came when I was ready to actually try using ~the brain~ itself beyond the capacity of an Atari..... On that first day - with the trepidation of a brain surgeon in his first ~surgery~ I began by writing to the ~patient~ which I knew was going to become a close friend to me... and therefore had come to think of as a living entity with the nickname - Magi. (I name just about Everything!!!! *giggle*) This name seemed most appropriate since the biblical use of the word/title indicated the holy wise-men of that time....

Here then, is that FIRST communication with my first ~pewter!

January 19, 1993

Dear Magi; .......This is my very first day with you! I think we will like each other. ~ I think you're terrific! ~ In fact, most everyone who has seen you thinks so too! ~ It must be nice to be so universally recognized as a thing of great worth! Too bad it isn't more often the case among human entities as well! ~ At any rate, let us commence our beginning. ~ To do this, I must close this, our first conversing, and go on with my lessons at the mercy of ol' windbag Roger, (who is really a good teacher at heart and just loves to draw out the chance to teach on any occasion that rises).

I am not the best of students, I'm sure. ~ My mind isn't exactly wired conventionally (today they label this L.D. for learning disability......but personally, I think the label should be T.D. for teaching disability)..... ~ Tell me, my Magi, don't you agree? ~ You should know, because you require special instructions too....but they don't call you L.D.!

So, we have something special in common Magi, we require skilled instructors to bring out the best in us....Right?. ~ Being opposite sexes also exacerbates the complication of our using opposite sides of our brains (which Roger and I most definitely do!) for tasks, adding another dimension to our teacher/student dilemma.

But, dear Magi, that's Rogers' problem. *teeheehee*

It happens that he is a very gifted teacher (though not particularly patient!) and my presentation as a "challenge to be taught", will only improve his skills.....*giggle* then,.... really, I'm doing the guy a favor! ~ That's sooooooo good of me. ~ Don'cha think?? ~
*snickering giggle*

So, I must close for now. ~ I have loved our first ~meeting~ and this experience! ~ You make it so easy to think `on screen'. We will `speak' again soon!

LOVE YA!  ~  your gypsy,  (Nina Roberta Baker)

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