"Eric Of The Misty Blue Mountains"
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I was born July 6, 1943 - Chicago Illinois
Lived in Maryland 1950 - 1972

live now in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, 
nestled gently amidst 
the National Forests and Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia

My Hobbies, Interests and Occupations Include:
*Serving my Creator & `Feeding His Sheep' *
Homemaking,*Writing *Computer*Reading,  
Loving and Nurturing Family, Friends, Pets, Plants...etc.
(old, new and unmet or unacquired yet)

Cooking & Baking, *Sewing and Needlework.
Music, *Theatre & Movies, *Arts 
*Practicing Herbology
(I am our local 'medicine woman' 
and I use alternative healing remedies and methodologies)

Cyber-Surfing, Research & E-mail (*grin*)

Why the "handle" Gypsy?
When I began surfing the net (1994),  I registered with WBS 
so that I could join the chat-groups (rooms) - 50+ and Christian Chats.   
I was about halfway through the registration process and 
found that they wanted a "handle" for me...   
I was taken by surprise and the first thing that occurred to me 
was my old "CB" handle from the 60s.   
I loved to travel around 
taking unknown roads and following them to unfamiliar destinations 
just for the adventure and pleasure of the unknown 
(discovered and experienced).   

I also liked to wear my hair long and free, dress in long skirts - etc. etc.   
So it just seemed to fit and stick with me in the cyber-world.  
Even when my internet friends called me or visited - 
they tended to refer to me fondly as their "Gypsy"....  
There seems to me to be something 
romantic, intriguing and mysterious about the wayfaring gypsy lifestyle 
which was why I chose that handle when CBs came onto 
the scene years ago and I was young, adventurous and free to roam.

Children ~ 3 (2 deceased & 1 living)
Grandchildren ~ 8
~ 7 (known)

This website is a memorial tribute to my son, 
Eric Lee Baker ~
July 1, 1973 ~ April 1,1996 
and I have shared all about him here on this site.

Erics' sister, died 11 years later at home in her sleep
Jeanne Marie Colgan, Dingus
October 24, 1961 ~ June 3, 2007
Her website resides here on this website now 
Born 1959, Bethesda, Maryland
(Has 5 children, 4 girls and 1 boy)

(~~ and two grandchildren ~~
Shannon, born 1979, Woodstock, Virginia
Chastidy, born 1980, Woodstock, Virginia
Heather, born 1984, Winchester, Virginia
Richard (aka Richie) born 1986, Woodstock, Virginia
Brandi, born 1989, Woodstock, Virginia

Jeanne, Born 1961, Cheverly, Maryland
(3 children 1 girl and 2 boys )
Jason , born 1985, Manassas, Virginia
Jessica, born 1988, Front Royal, Virginia
Bobby Edgington Eric, (aka MrBee)
born 1996, Winchester, Virginia


Creative Writing & Art (mine)
From My Journal  Loves' Submission  Goodbye  Seasons Of My Life  
Pain in Poetry/writing  I Speak Of Love  AMATEUR ART EXHIBIT  Dear Mr Wolfe   
Fairytales   Froggie and the Princess   Holiday Greetings 1997 - 1998
Consequences & Aftermath of Infidelity  (1993)Picking up    (writing/working my way through the discovery & recovery)
Odes to A Marriage 1997   Sometimes & Then Forever   THRESHOLD
A Marriage Ending   Little Girl   Moving On At Last   The Breakdown


The Pansies ~ Pinholes!   ~ A Mothers' Prayer  ~ What Is Prayer? ~ 
Where Are You Lord? ~
Who or WHAT is Santa Claus?  ~ Crossroads
Crucifixion / Resurrection

 Life thoughts to share...  
It is my prayer for each and every soul to be content in knowing, as they lay down to sleep each night, that their day was truly "Well-spent" (invested)...


My life is a statement I am making to the world.
My actions proclaim it for all to see and hear.
On my deathbed I will review it.
In the ground it will prepare a bed for me
to rest well, or not.. 
 There above me, in the world I leave behind,
it will write my epitaph. 
In that world it will continue to speak of me, like a song.
I hope the song will be sweet and memorable,
a blessing and not a curse to those who sing it.

Nina Roberta Baker

~~ * Fall of 2001 * ~~

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~~ * Winter of 2010 * ~~
ChiCho, GYPSY  & Brand

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