by Roger L. Baker 

My Dear Princess;                                    July 18, 1995

It is so very true that an emptiness exists within all men, an emptiness that waits with that princess you refer to in your beautiful piece of literature,  "FAIRYTALES".   As I read it, I could feel the emotion with  which you wrote and understand very clearly the message you wish to convey to the reader.  I felt so much a part of it and felt my own sadness for the princess in my own life.  

As that prince grows up into manhood, he becomes so aware of the longing to be fulfilled in that place which his Maker created for him.  But a prince does not always experience the fabulous life we read of in fairy tales and the wounds and disappointments of a lifetime tend to make him a victim.  A prince, however, has the wisdom of many around himself to overcome those things which tend to keep him from being all that he can be.  If he but listens and obeys,  his life will turn out as it should.

Some princes do become frogs and are destined to live their lives in the pond of everyday circumstances, constantly aware of the predators which wait to devour him.    Those predators do not always have little beady eyes and long teeth.   Some smile and offer pleasures yet unknown.      Some plead and beg to be heard and enjoyed.   Their instruments of snare are different; but, the trap is always devastating if it is not that which The Creator intended for him.    Once in that trap,   it becomes a game of sorts in which the victim must use cunning and intelligence to keep just out of reach of what is eventual death.

A picture comes to my mind which I have seen posted in so many places.  A frog is caught in the beak of a stork and half swallowed down the throat of certain death.    Yet, the frog has its' front `hands' around the throat of the stork and is choking it with all the strength it can possibly exert, given the situation.  The caption beneath reads,  "NEVER GIVE UP!"

A prince that you know is now in that position and is struggling to be set free.    However,  the stork is also determined to feast upon its' flesh until its' appetite is satisfied.    The struggle is great and the temptation to just let go and be swallowed-up is strong.     But....  in the distance can be heard the sweet, melodic voice of his princess, calling out to him ~ and that renews his determination to hang on and not give up.    That voice is what gives the prince the will to go on and not give up - and to struggle even more to be set free.     At times,  the voice is faint and seems so distant;  but when he listens quietly,  he hears her.   At other times, it thunders through his entire being and seems to encourage his determination to struggle even more.

As sad as it may seem,  and much to the misunderstanding of others,  the frog realizes that if the stork does not eat,  it will die.  One must win and the other must lose.   What a predicament!

Love,  Froggi

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