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It began when I mailed this out....

It Takes a Village: A
Response To Hillary Clinton

by Glenn Conjurske

It takes a village (so we're told), to raise a child today.
It takes a village (we reply), to steal his heart away.
To purge old-fashioned do's and don'ts from his enlightened mind
To leave old fashioned Ma and Pa, a hundred years behind.

It takes a village, verily, to teach some mothers' son
To steal and gamble, smoke and swear, and vandalize for fun.
His mother didn't teach him that! His father? No, not he!
It takes a village to corrupt, a village verily.

It takes a village, this we know, to teach the maidens sweet,
To dress and act, to look and talk, like women of the street.
It takes a village, not a doubt, to teach a maiden mild,
To save the monkeys, owls, and whales, yet kill her unborn child.

It takes a village public school, some subtle class room chats,
To teach the little boys and girls to act like alley cats.
To teach them of the birds and bees, without morality,
To teach them what to do and how, and tell them they are free.

It takes a village, yes indeed, to brainwash all our youth,
With notions and with fallacies, in place of sense and truth.
Abortion rights! The right to die! the rights of animals!
Creative spelling! Unisex! the rights of criminals!

It takes a village, well we know, to turn their minds awry.
To stand for fancied "Children's rights," and parents' rights deny.
To honor human nature less, and trees and rivers more.
To sacrifice to Mother Earth, and Father God ignore.

"It takes a village," so they say, but something more they mean.
United Nations, Washington, The Liberal machine.
Society, the "Brave New World," the socialistic scheme.
The global ideology; It's here.....The New World Order Dream!

Date: Sun, 9 May 1999 15:28:34 -0500
Subject: A young teen on the mailing "Government Wisdom."
A young girls' perspective........ This is the granddaughter of a dear friend, and she and my Brandi  have shared e-mails.  Response:
Subject: Re: Government Wisdom?
Date: Sat, 8 May 1999 06:57:38 -0500

i wouldn't have to reply to this, but i am not for anything you mentioned.  what i learn, is what i need to know. i am sorry Ms.Baker, but i don't think anything is wrong with me learning those things in school.

My response
Date: Sat, 8 May 1999 14:38:16 -0500
Subject: Re: Government Wisdom?
Hello Chrysta;
Your response confuses me a bit.   I reread the "Village" thing that I forwarded when I received it.... SO I went back and  reread again and wondered if you would be more specific as to what you disagreed with and also, as to what you learn? Is it that you are pro-choice and were offended at the criticism of
the abortion issue as stated from a pro-life view?
The piece is primarily speaking about things like morals, values and parental/family relationships which are being eroded by the subrogation of traditional authority and respect.   I would be very interested in learning more about how you think on this. I have relationships with young people your age and they actually liked that `piece' very much. In fact, you are the only one that seems to see something negative about it. 
I would really like to see and understand your point of view, Chrysta,
from your position within the
modern scheme-of-things in a fast-paced and frenetic lifestyle, without further alienation and intervention (from school teachings) to exacerbate the angst of your generation and the alienation, rebellion and pain of relationships in families...

Love and hugs, Brandi sends a hello and hug too,

From your GYPSY, (Nina)

Subject: Re: Government Wisdom?
Date: Sat, 8 May 1999 14:12:14 -0500

i am not for abortion, but it is that woman's choice. and i do not belive that school is corruptting family values. i belive that the rotten family values are from the parents passed down. i have a friend whose parents drink every night and leave him and his two brothers alone very often with a sitter and go to Vegas for the week. or on an Alaskan cruise for a month. so is it his fault that, because when his parents get drunk and insult him and he fends for himself, he thus becomes harder and colder to us? because he doesn't want to be at home with these people who refuse to go to his chior concerts and piano recitals and asks to go to the movies with us instead of eating a nuked up pizza slice in the kitchen alone for
lunch is that his fault? i think not.   i have another friend who always wants to be out of the house because her parents make her do all the mopping and vaccuming and fetching them drinks and housework and cleaning thier pool and clean up after the dog. they gave her two brothers, (ages 9 and 7) each thier own large rooms with their own bunkbeds and gave amy a room that used to be a storage closet. a large closet, but there is barely room to turn around in as a bed room. her brothers are not asked to house work and according to her parents,
everything is her fault. like the water bill. it went like this...
amy: yes?
dad: look at this water bill! how many showers have you been taking?
amy: about one a day.
dad: how long are you in there?
amy: 15 minutes or so
dad: well take shorter showers this bill too expensive!
or perhaps the time she asked for a thank you and her mom said, "honey it is an implied thank you. being part of this family means doing the housework and cooking dinner once or twice a week without being told thank you. it is implied." when amy responded that her brothers never did housework, she was sent to go clean the pool.    so you see these are only two of my friends that have bad families. and it is not thier fault they do not have strong ties. would you want to saty around in a home like that if your friends are willing to take you to the mall or movies or hang out,   because they also hate it so much or they feel pity for you? i don't have a home like that but i can name at least five friends of mine who do.   stephen,  amy,  krystin,  erica,  patricia, and sometimes jessica.  i don't belive it is the fault of the schools. it is the fault of the parents who implied they don't want them there.

Date: Sat, 8 May 1999 15:19:47 -0500
Subject: Re: Government Wisdom?

Gee.... Chrysta, Poor Amy! And the others too.    How sad that these things happen. I am glad that you belong to such a very  loving and nurturing family.
We are that sort of family too.
Regarding learning at school, I agree with you that family values will supercede humanism in those families which are active and caring in their roles as parents. However, in some cases where  the "laws" intercede in a critical stage of rebellion (which is, so they say these days,  a natural part of growing up and changing) - in some cases, there IS harm done and the youth grow bitter and confused at a time when they most need to be communicating with family and friends, they draw away and are encouraged to do so. 

The problem then is that they sort of burn their bridges behind them and find themselves stranded in an emotional and sometimes physical "No mans' land".
But - I do take issue against the murder of babies. I agree whole-heartedly with you that it is the womans' choice - but the CHOICE is BEFORE she gets pregnant. She can choose NOT to GET pregnant.    All too often... there are those accidents which result in unwanted pregnancy.   BUT, how can you justify murder as the price of  indulging an appetite?    If you had ever seen a REAL video taping of the "Fetus" being torn apart in the womb, or burned in poisoned waters of the womb turned deadly by drugs to kill the child.... You would likely NOT continue to believe that the right to murder, so
called "pro-choice" by those who seek to dehumanize the victimization and horrific murders of those innocents whose mothers do not want to allow them to be born and given the chance to live and love and be a part of the world we live in.  No ONE - male OR female, young or old,  - has the right to choose to murder.
It must be very difficult to be your age and growing up today 
in this world of conflict and wars - insecurities of all kinds... but there is beauty and love and much more than all the negative news... There IS a balance in all things.
You are fortunate to be a part of a very warm and loving family. I am so glad of that. It sounds as though you are also a warm and caring person and take care and notice of your peers who have so much less than you do.... but they are fortunate to have a dear friend like you to talk to and be friends with in their world *S*.
You are a very dear young lady, and I am glad to know you.
Thank you for writing and having this communication with me.   Maybe you will grow up to be our President someday and change all kinds of things. You certainly do have real "heart and soul" for your fellow beings on this planet.
Love and hugs,  From your GYPSY, (Nina)
From: "Naron" chrysta
Date: Sun, 9 May 1999 16:46:25 -0500

thank you. I agree on the subject of abortion, but i belive if i am a 16
yr old girl with everything ahead of me and i am raped then it is alright
for an abortion. the girl did not choose to get pregnate and is too young
to take care of a child. perhaps if you are older and single and
financialy secure maybe, but still raped women should be allowed to do so
in order to lives thier lives.


Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 01:28:18 -0500
Hello again, Chrysta; 
I had such a very blessed mothers' day. I went to my parents "Eagles' club" dinner... there were four generations of us there at out table, my mother, myself, one of my daughters, and Brandi, the other daughters' daughter (whom, as you know, I have had all of her life and who calls me mommy, but is my grandchild). That is so special! *S*  I hope that you had a nice one too!  
Are you still writing poetry?
Thank you for writing again. I was pleased to see the e-mail from you. I read it and then went to bed early, tired from the days' activities and pain (I have been unable to walk since  November), following a lawn mower accident which resulted in the "loss" of both knees which will be replaced in the Fall.  I awoke after sleeping a few hours - and I wanted to get my laptop and write to you in the quiet of these early  morning house of solitude.

Response ~
Ah... yes, dear Chrysta.... I HAVE considered the abortion scenario you speak of.    May I ask that you picture another one with me?

What if Jesus were to come to you this evening, quietly and only
seen by you. What if He spoke with you, "Hello Chrysta." and
extended His arms to embrace you for a moment, then said "Just a
moment, my dear child, my lamb." then went back out the door and
re-entered carrying a small bundle in swaddling clothes, walked
across the room and stood near where you could see the face of
the small being, and then, as He and you looked upon it, if the
tiny babe opened its' eyes and looked at you and somehow, you
felt that indescribable feeling that one feels when they first
look upon the face of their newborn child.
Then Jesus speaks, "Child of mine, I have a request to
make of you, please. I know that you have other plans this year.
I must be about our heavenly Fathers' business for the next
six months but there is this tiny one who needs care. I have
chosen you and have come to ask that you please take care of my
little one for me. I will return then and receive the babe and
take him to the home that is preparing for him elsewhere. If,
when that day comes - you wish to keep the babe, I will even give
it to you! But otherwise, there is a man and woman who have
been waiting a very long time for this child to be brought and
given to them. The choice will be yours in that day. But until
that time arrives, I need you to carry and nurture the babe with the
same body we gave to you. It will disrupt some things in your life, to
do this for me, but not all of it. The expenses will be paid for you,
for I know that you are too young to be able to do that. Would you
please do this for me, then?"
"But why me?" you may ask.
"Because the way this child came to be, was from seed and
genes of your own, and you are half of the child. No one else was
chosen - for you were the exact right one and this child could only
be created with your seed alone. There is no one like you in all the
world, Chrysta. Only you were chosen. Will you consent to do this?"
You hesitate, of course. So many thoughts and considerations
rush into your mind and it will take time for you to answer... Not
long, though.... for this is Jesus asking you.... God has created
this child already - using your very own seed....
Then, someone else enters the room, carrying a shiny
scalpel.  Although there is no smell of sulphur, no pointy ears
and yellow-green cat-eyes (which are quite alright for cats, but
look infinitely terrifying set in a human face as we sometimes
have seen in movies such as "The Cat People").... No red full-body
suit, no red tail with the arrow-like pointed end.... Nay! This
man has a familiar, every-day sort of face. He is dressed in a
blue surgical suit, so familiar in the myriad of television shows
and movies... the dedicated, misery and death defying, respected
and trusted, almost holy professional we call, (with a touch of awe
and reverence in our voices), "Doctor". You know though, in your
soul, you recognize him. He is not what he seems on the outside.
You know that he seeks to murder and destroy... You have read and
you know that he "rages about to and fro, seeking whom he can devour!".   He speaks, "Chrysta, this is too much to ask of you! Your whole  life will be altered!    Your body will grow distorted and at times you will  be so uncomfortable that you will regret that you agreed to this task which this Christ is asking of you!  It is not necessary.  How can you just give away six months of your life for nothing except misery and pain in  return for doing it?  Why not get it all behind you and have this simple intervention we call abortion?"  
Christ speaks again, "Chrysta, you are the only one who can do
this - for it is a part of you already.... and you will be a part of it forever... Please?  Six months, maybe even less!"
And Lucifer speaks up again, drawing closer and placing himself
between you and Jesus who is now holding the child toward you...
"Chrysta.... let me have the child."  A light in the room
glints sharply from the life-sacrificing blade... "I will take care
of this child. You need not concern yourself with it at all."
You know what he means... Your heart is wrenched and you
say, "Jesus won't let you do that! You cannot kill this baby!"
and even as you speak, Christ steps around Satan, puts the babe in
your arms and says in a soft, gentle voice "This child is yours, it
is your decision alone. When I return on the appointed day, you
may choose to keep it or give it to the parents I spoke of, the man
and woman who, even now, are thrilled that their waiting will soon be
over.....! If you love me, keep my lamb for 6 months!" and then He
vanishes. You are alone with the `Other' - he reaches out with the
kindest of countenances.... He offers a thousand reasons that you
should comply with his infernal request to commit the murder which he calls by the name of "Abortion". "Give me the child. Chrysta.
Your friends, your life.... they are waiting for you.  Give me the child  and forget all of this...."
There is an inner stirring within you and you hear Jesus speaking
the same words, twice more.... "If you love me Chrysta...."

Who will you say "Yes" to? Will you allow the blood of life to flow
out from the babe you are holding? Will you invite the assassination
even as you hold the child?

Would you please do me a kindness and visit these pages and write to me again?   I speak to you out of Christian love and calling of Christ to do so. I speak to you out of the common bond of life which we share.   We are all diminished by each death.  Where we consent to the murder of utterly helpless and vulnerable beings - regardless of how they are conceived.... we are holding that babe in our arms while Satan makes another sacrifice on the alter of humanism and justification.... The bloodstains of the unborn will cry out to you all the rest of your life and when you have to answer for that deed, you will know without a  doubt, the "fetus" was Christ Himself... as you crucified Him anew.... for every life is His... purchased by His blood and the blood was given because He loves every one of us.....   If even one sparrow does not fall unnoticed - you can be sure
that He watches these murders.
God bless your reading and response as you visit (if you will) - the following.
You are a very special young woman, Chrysta! What an honor I feel
that it is to communicate with you this way. *s* I do not feel
any sense of judgmentalism toward your opinions. We must each, in
the end, answer only to God for our choices. I appreciate every
opportunity to share Christ and what I know and feel about Him. I
expect nothing more than that He reap what He inspires me to sow.

I know that your aunt and uncle were one of those special "chosen"
ones to whom Christ brought such a child - a VERY special one at
that! So I know that you know intimately, how blessed everyone is
in each little one who is brought into the world to share our lives.

There is also an exchange with a young college- "daddy" who wrote
to me pleading for prayer that his "girlfriend" would not murder his
out-of-wedlock and unplanned-for child.... Here, (8th entry down) and
then further down you will see more from him where there is a
flashing-green "update" graphic.

Love, prayers and hugs, for you, dear One,

>From your GYPSY, (Nina)
<>< <>< ††† ><> ><>

From: "Mackenzie Burton" <calliarose@msn.com
Subject: mother killers!
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 00:09:50 -0700

why is it that people like you are only concerned about the welfare of americans while they are still in the womb? you have to understand that abortion is not a form of birth control it is a medical procedure done to protect the lives of not only children, but mothers as well. you would rather have still born, or those that wish they were, is it better to lose one life or two? educate yourselfs b4 you take up a cause. nothing good comes of an ignorant activist

Date: Thursday, 20 Dec 2001 14:06:01 -0800
From: nbaker@shentel.net 
Subject: Re: mother killers! 
To: Mackenzie Burton <calliarose@msn.com


----> why is it that people like you 
^Not knowing exactly what this term means, coming from you,  I have no comment here. 

----> are only concerned about the welfare of americans while they are 
still in the womb?

^Who said this? I am concerned for all people and  particularly, for all AMERICANS - not only those in the womb.   Assumptions are usually fraught with much delusion and error,  you had nothing whatsoever to base your assumption on either.

----> you have to understand that abortion is not a form of birth control 
^I never said this either... so I'm not sure why or how you came to think that this was my opinion. Although people often use most anything for various purposes other than that which the  "thing" was designed to do, their use does not alter or necessarily even reflect the designers' intent or purpose.

----> it is a medical procedure done to protect the lives of not only 
children, but mothers as well. 

^Murder, by whatever name, does not protect, it destroys.   Have you any idea of the toll which abortion has taken upon the mothers who submitted for that procedure only to later suffer guilt and regret, and in many cases, who committed suicide in the wake of such procedures? And some are existing forms of living death bearing the guilt. Women who choose to have abortions are not only rendered `no longer pregnant'.... they become mothers of dead children.

----> you would rather have still born, or those that wish they were, 
^Mothers who give birth to stillborn are not murderers,  nor are they guilty of choosing and purchasing assassination of innocents  nestled viable in their wombs. 
^As for a child who wishes they were never born? That has nothing whatsoever to do with abortion... It has to do with experiences and how they see themselves and the world around them. That wish (to never  have been born) comes not with birth itself, but from experiences thereafter.

----> is it better to lose one life or two? 
^This has nothing to do with abortion either. No one can say or see for certain, that a therapeutic-abortion can save either life... or that the refusal of abortion will result in even one death. How many of those aborted humans would have been mothers? So the title of your message, "MOTHER KILLERS" falls heavily, in my perception of these issues, upon the shoulders of all who kill and/or, help in the killing of, those future mothers and their children who never had a chance to ~be~ or fulfill  their inherent potentials?

----> educate yourselfs b4 you take up a cause. 
            ^I am thoroughly educated about any "cause" I take up, before I act to intervene or champion a cause. It sounds as though this advise would be well used by you, yourself.

----> nothing good comes of an ignorant activist
^You are absolutely right here! Again, I suggest that you take this advise yourself before you campaign for the continuance of murdering  innocents. We will all be held accountable for our actions and inactions - each one of them. Are you ready to do that and feel capable of justifying these murders?

Because I'm His, Nina

From: "HELL" louisd@hiwaay.net
Subject: A Baby's Plea
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 17:42:09 -0600
I just want to tell you
that in reading your poem,
A BABYs’ PLEA I am hoping my ex-girlfriend will feel guilty about murdering my child that she will not go through and have an abortion. It made me cry.... If you email me back my email is Jbriggum@hiwaay.net.... Thank you so much ~ John Briggum

My Dear Friend, John; Thank you so very much for sharing that with us. We will be in prayer for your baby! I don't know where you are or who the mother is, but God knows all and He will know who we are praying for. Is the mommy a Christian? Most churches have access to help resources of every kind - from providing the essentials like a home and sustenance - to adoption and/or helping the mother and child after the birth too. Oh, I DO so hope that she will listen to your pleas and those silent inner ones from the new life developing inside of her. I care and would like to know how it turns out for your child. Would you please let me know? Also, you did not mention that you would prefer not to be in the guestbook on line, so I will wait for permission (just to be assured) to share your message after you let me know that you do or do not want it made public.... in the case that you would prefer to have it just between us in private. And yet - I would like to see this childs' fathers' love there for all to see! Let me know. Roger is also deeply gratified and blessed to know that his poem may help to save yet another life! I hope, John, that she will reconsider. I am blessed that you shared with us and we can stand in prayer with you for your strength and for intercession on behalf of your child! God bless... Write to us if you just want to talk... We care, we really do! Love and a hug from,
Yours because I'm His, Your GYPSY, (Nina)
& Roger Baker

husker1997@webtv.net (huskers fan)
Subject: Re: A Baby's Plea
Thank you for replying to my email. Yes that would be ok to post in your guestbook, but you would have to send me the address to the website so I could go and see it. I was on so many webpages Friday I couldn't remember where yall are..... Thanks again, John

Hello again, John; Any news as yet about the baby? We are keeping all of you in prayer. I do hope you will let me know how it goes for you. Our site is listed below my name here. It is a varied offering. I began it when my son, Eric, was killed just before graduating from Ferrum College. I began the site as a memorial offering of hiw writings and of tributes others made of him after he was killed. On the table you will find the prolife works& links at the lower left hand corner of the table you find. Re; surfing - I know what you mean - one thing leads you to one other and so on and on we go clicking our way around the globe in the wink of an eye and unless we check our history folder in browser - NO WAY could we remember them all! *smiling*     Thank you for allowing the guestbook entry. The fathers' side of the tragedy of abortion is so seldom spoken for! I am glad that you are trying to save yours! God bless you.
Yours because I'm His, Your GYPSY, (Nina)

Subject: Re: A Baby's Plea
Dear Gypsy: No mam there ain't no word yet, because she won't talk to me. I don't know why she all the sudden did this to me, she has. It happened last Saturday night. It has been a week, I was trying to block out the break-up, but yesterday was real hard on me. I cried myself to sleep last night, just thinking about the baby and what he/she is thinking. It just kills me to even think there is a slight possibility that my baby will be killed or stupidity. Thanks again in replying to my email and keep praying for me. ~ Love, John

Subject: Thinking and praying about you
Dear John; You, your baby and the babys' mom will remain in our prayers. Last night, my 9 year-old Brandi, prayed with me that "Johns' baby will be born for him". Let us know if you think about it in the future, we will be continuing thinking and praying for you all.
Yours because I'm His, Love and a special hug
From your GYPSY, (Nina)

Received this joyous news from John
Subject: Re: Thinking and praying about you
Hello. I don't know if you remember me. But I talked to my ex girlfriend and she is not gonna get an abortion. So I just want to thank you for praying for me and all the encouragement you gave me. It looks like it may work and I will be come a daddy. This is one easter I will remember forever. Thank you so much. John

Oh, my dear John! I am so very pleased about this news, and so very happy that you shared with us! Thank you~!!! Brandi (9 year old) says that she wants you and the mommy to know that we really cared and prayed and hope that you might write sometimes and tell us how everything and is going. I hope so too! *S*. I hope that you have had a lovely Easter. You will have many, many more and when you get to share them with your child they will be the best of all! *S!* ~ We had a lovely family Easter. My mother worked all day to make different oriental dishes (we all especially love egg-rolls) and we took coconut pie and coconut cake for dessert. I have always understood about the sacrifice and blood atonement of our Lamb of God for redemption.... But the most incredible thing to me, is the wonder of His leaving heaven and actually taking on all of our human frailties for all those years... THAT is such a great love that it is all I can do to comprehend that He did it for us! And for love of us! Oh, how I love Jesus! And in Him, we love you too, John. Hope to hear from you again.
Yours because I'm His, Your GYPSY, (Nina)

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