A Babys' Plea

My mommy says that I must go
Cause daddy can't be found
And she's too young and full of life
To have a kid around.

Here in this darkness, as I wait
For what will finally be,
My heart is being ripped apart
By your contempt for me.

What have I done? I often cry,
To make you hate me so?
What can I do to change your mind?
Oh please. Just let me know.

Oh mommy, please don't kill me here
I long to see your smile.
Just let me look upon your face....
And rest within your arms awhile.

But now, I hear the doctor's come.
I've made my final plea.
I can't believe the words I hear.
You say you're keeping me!

  ęBy Roger L. Baker ~ Written Jan 19, 1983
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