Hotlines & Switchboards

National Runaway Hotline ~ 800-231-6946
National Runaway Switchboard ~ 800-621-4000
(For transportation - see below)

Child Abuse Hotline ~ 800-422-4453

Child At Risk Hotline ~ 800-792-5200

Child Find of America ~ 800-426-5678

Drug Abuse Hotline ~ 800-662-4357

Youth Crisis Hotline ~ 800-448-4663

Institute of Drug Abuse Helpline ~ 800-662-HELP

Sexually Transmitted Disease Hotline ~ 800-227-8922
Teen Aids Hotline ~ 800-234-TEEN

SUICIDE HOTLINE ** 1-800-999-9999

Companies & Organizations
Going The Extra Mile To Bring Home Our Lost Children

AT&T Missing Children Resources

KidsCall, in a joint effort between Traveler's Aid International and AT&T are encouraging children who have left home to re-establish contact with their home community. If a kid wants to return home, or to another supportive environment in their home community, Traveler's Aid helps them get there safely. One FREE phone call is all it takes.

1-800-ToBeSafe (1-800-862-7233)

Greyhound's Home Free Program provides runaways free transportation home from any of their 2,400 locations. To get a free ride home, call the National Runaway Switchboard (the number is above), or call a local shelter, social service center or police. They can make the arrangements for you.

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